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  1. is that a link to new sambuilds? i dont understand
  2. nice but does it support the new altsound files too? i tried who dunnit. set it to 1 in F1 menu but there is no diffrence
  3. thx for your work. is it me or is the colorization not good working with freezy 1.8? getting some strange colorization colors which are probably not right
  4. is there a new build coming soon for the new roms?
  5. i am using the newest version but often my palettes dont get saved to the right scene. maybe a error in my xml or something. can you help me? tried to contact you via FB
  6. same here. hopefully a fix is coming for this beauty, don't wanna go back to 1.71
  7. Is this project still in work? Looks fantastic, Martin
  8. i hope you can handle it. love all of your fantastic colorjobs
  9. not working for me either... It works for ultradmd and Pupdmd tables but every colorrom or altcolor table i tried gives me a black DMD with 3.01... again downgraded to 2.67. hopefully freezy will fix that anytime so everyone can use it
  10. 3.x Not working with freezy dll. Only works with Lucky.dll... so i wont Update my pin2dmd
  11. i tried 3.0 on stm32 but result is black screen like for some other guys too. back on 2.67 now
  12. no i did not use the wrong binary. discovery as always. same thing with black screen happend for a friend too, also discovery board. i don't think we both downloaded the wrong binary... whatever, working fine now
  13. 2.66 seems noot to be ok, i updated the version from github and my dmd got black. even after reboot black only.. after downgrading to 2.65 everything was fine again. someone in the fb junkies group sent me another 2.66 version which seems to work fine too
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