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  1. Had a quick play of this, really , really nice. The moving flippers threw me for a second there too! 😁 thank you for sharing this.
  2. thank you for sharing this.
  3. I have a Real Pin2DMD.. so scores show up there.. I guess I could turn off the option to hide the virtual DMD then move it up to the location on the backglass? ah, I see thanks.
  4. Finally got this working! Thanks @outhere and @movieguy!
  5. THANK YOU @mrjcrane!! these steps finally worked for me... I installed again based on whats shown on the video. THANK YOU @outhere - I followed your tips on the other thread (Pin2DMD and P-ROC) - I used Zadig to change the Pin2DMD driver to WinUSB as suggested. I then installed the two files as you suggested: ep_desktop_pygame.py and libusb-1.0.dll after I unblocked the files. - put the ep_desktop_pygame.py in the C:\P-ROC\games\cactuscanyon\ep folder over wrote the one that was in there - Put the libusb-1.0.dll in the C:\python27 folder where the python.exe is
  6. thanks for this. Curious, is the score supposed to show up on blackglass on this b2s ?
  7. I gave up trying to get this working on my real Pin2Dmd screen. wish there was a straight forward process.
  8. WOW!! Been a while since I've seen a table on my cabinet look so good! (I only run a 1080p screen) and this looks amazing. Thank you VPW. Look forward to future tables
  9. WOW... thank you for the backstory. That really cheered up my day for me.
    Never played the real machine of this , but combine this table with @TerryReds PuP Pack, you get an amazing VP game. This is how pup packs are done in excellence with a great table making a winning combination. Thanks @hauntfreaks
  10. He's also posted links to a pack of 100s of music mP3s.. which he admits he has provided for free download.. I'm thinking the music industry should know about this..
  11. wow.. so much drama in the past few weeks/months! I really don't know what to think.. but am thankful for authors that spend time and create some great tables and share freely. Thank you
  12. I am using a realDmd - Pin2DMD with latest 4.0x firmware. Colours appear mixed up.
  13. thanks. tested with the JDL1 rom, and it didnt work well.
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