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  1. Version 2.0.0


    X-Men LE (Stern 2012) v2.0.1 Wolverine and Magneto LE editions, also with built in optional minimal VR room! Tables evolution; Original table by: Freneticamnesic Modified by: ICPjuggla Modified by: HauntFreaks (visuals, lighting, 3D models for LE toys) Converted to LE by: DJrobX (code, lighting, flashers, LE toys), primitives: Bord (ramps, ramps shadows) Extensive code work by DJrobX Add modulated flasher support VPX surround sound support LE conversion: Re-mapped table lights to LE locations Add moving Iceman ramp Add night crawler pop-ups and animations A
    106 points
  2. Version 1.0.6


    Metallica Premium Monsters Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord. This was a long road for a table mod. Work started by EBisLit with brand new playfield 4 months ago. Playfield is now straighter than the one this had originally. This meant that the whole table had to be rebuild, so the table geometry is closer to the original table now. Added Flupper inserts, new flashers, Fleep sounds, latest nFozzy physics, some new textures, countless hours of tweaks and testing. Playfield: EBisLit Inserts: EBisLit nFozzy physics: Benji, iaakki Re-alignment: Sixtoe, iaakk
    89 points
  3. Version 2.0.0


    PIN·BOT (Williams 1986) VPX by bord, etc. (credits below) B2S by Blacksad Does it get any better than System 11 games? I started this ages ago and worked on it in fits and starts as resources and collaborators were available. Lots of raytraced textures so I don't expect this to play well on old graphics cards. Requires VPX beta 10.6. Many thanks to: Blacksad for letting me package his great B2S with this download djrobx - scripting rothbauerw - scripting/testing/gameplay tweaking/magic - ***now with even more physics magic 32assassi
    89 points
  4. Version 1.2.1


    **************************************************************** Guardians of the Galaxy By: Daphishbowl and Mr H Special thanks to: Arngrim - DOF help Nailbuster - Amazing work on the PUP framework and helping me get all those nice little features working so it feels like the real thing, Rik - Amazing testing Orbital Group - Awesome help with my first table and alpha testing (John M, G5K, Pinballfan2018, Scott, Bambi, Brian, James, .. the names go on) VAAS - PupFrame Ashtone6 - Awesome highres photos of the real table Al - He
    88 points
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a fun EM from 1962 with a rotating score disc, a cascading skill shot, a Jackie O. lookalike, and one of the widest flipper gaps you've ever seen. I modeled and textured this game back in 2019 shortly after @miguelcerca uploaded his scanned resources for the game to vpinball (RIP). It sat unloved in a corner of my harddrive until a few weeks ago when @scottacus said he was available to do some scripting. I sent it over and he brought it to life! Download includes the B2S There is an option to switch to auto ball lift at line 52 of the script Hold le
    51 points
  6. Version 1.2


    VPX Table by: fuzzel, flupper1, rothbauerw Runs in regular table mode and VR, settings are in the script. V1.2: . Adjustments by tomate new metal plates for the ramps new less faceted prim for the upper right metal wall (I modified the vpx wall too) new metals textures. For VR: I added animated flipper buttons for VR (its the little things), Backglass now runs B2S files, be sure to disable grills, DMD, and B2S DMD in B2S settings (right click the backglass on the screen) Runs in regular desktop mode and VR Room. Edit script to VRRoom = 1 for VR Minimal Room. Updated to tabl
    49 points
  7. Version 1.0.0 from 2017


    This is the table that proves that burlap is the world's oldest fabric! This Ted Zale design features zipper flippers, two different ball captures, multiball, a cool skill shot up the "Bird Ramp" and so much more. The B2s is included in the download (or at least should be).
    48 points
  8. Version 2.0


    Gilligan's Island (Bally 1991)..2 screen and 3 screen...Enjoy
    45 points
  9. Version 1.0


    BANGARAAANG!! Hook Table Tune-Up by members of VPin Workshop Discord. This one was supposed to be just a fast physics update, but we ended up rebuilding almost the whole table. Added some Flupper inserts, Skitso-style inserts, new flashers, Fleep SSF sounds, latest nFozzy physics, some new textures, Ramp rework, plastics, VRRoom, countless hours of tweaks and testing. - Inserts: iaakki, Skitso - nFozzy physics: Benji, iaakki - Re-alignment: Sixtoe, Cyberpez, Skitso, iaakki - Ramps: Tomate - Fleep Sounds: iaakki -
    43 points
  10. Version 1.1


    Who Dunnit 1947 is an attempt to bring the 1995 Bally game closer to its classic noir origins, reducing the color palette and redesigning many art elements to a more subdued deco style. This mod of ninuzzu/djrobx's Who Dunnit project was given new art, rothfozzy physics, the full fleep sound package, and rendered lighting and textures. Thanks to all who contributed to the mod: rothbauerw for physics and scripting help, benji for the sound work and insert models, tomate, sixtoe, and the rest of the VPW crew for testing and troubleshooting, flupper for insert models, JR for always being up
    42 points
  11. Version 2.0.0


    This is an updated version of my U-FOES original pinball table. The version 2 update includes: Bug fixes. New in game music. New playfield graphics. Some new sound effects. Better playability. Thanks to Loafer for the voice call outs and Thalamus for showing me how SSF works. dB2S and Game instructions are included in the DL file.
    40 points
  12. Version 2.0


    Hook (Data East 1992)
    33 points
  13. Version 1.0.0


    My first and only table, plays great though. Based on the real table we have had in our family for decades.
    31 points
  14. Version 1.0.0


    After almost eleven months, I have finally gotten to a 1.0 version of my coloring of Bally's Cirqus Voltaire. Harder than Tales or Batman, my third outing took a lot of time to get right. There are still some transitions that aren't colored due to the randomness of the DMD, but I'd say it's at least 98 percent done. Due to the blurry effect of this DMD, I had to redraw numerous scenes from scratch and change the layout of a few more just to make the hashtags work. ?Install the pin2dmd files in the cv_20h folder of your Altcolor folder in VPinMame ?Turn off the Playfield DMD in the Cirqu
    30 points
  15. Version 1.0.9


    Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.0.9 - Update (Quest Standalone version now included!) PC version 1.0.9 - Added Height adjustment limits. Moved the High Score board over the machine rather than on the Golden Tee cab. Fixed a target 10 issue where it was registering when it shouldn't have been. Other small fixes. Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.0.7 - Update - Height adjustment in service Panel. Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.0.3 - Initial release. This is a STANDALONE PROGRAM that does not require Visual Pinball. It requires a SteamVR compatible VR headset with cont
    30 points
  16. Version v1.25.7.76


    A very special thanks to Sixtoe for help on so many things, Psiomicron, Rawd, Slydog43 and so many others in the VR groups. Couldn't have done it without you all. Recreation of the Williams classic from 1994, "The Flintstones". By the development team of g5k, 3rdaxis, DJRobX and Dark. Developed using 10.6, install the final release of 10.6 to play. Script options are available, mainly to help performance. Magna save to cycle through LUTs, if you want to set a new default LUT use the script option. Includes Surround Sound Feedback (SSF). ZIP includes
    29 points
  17. Version 2.0


    Iron Maiden (Stern 1981)
    29 points
  18. Version 2.0


    Space Rider(Geiger 1980)
    28 points
  19. Version 2.0


    Funhouse (Williams 1990 )
    26 points
  20. Version 1.1


    All the credit goes to the previous authors (you will find their names in the script). Thank you. This table is a mod from RADICAL (jpsalas ) and Skate and destroy ( Kenji). Based on the movie wayne's world released in 1992 Wayne and Garth have transformed a cellar into a television studio and host a music program broadcast on a local cable network each night. An ambitious television producer, seduced by their unbridled style, decides to give them their first big chance . I tried to drag the maximum reference to the film ( hit magna right for change music ) I
    24 points
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Escape from the Lost World (Bally 1988) Mlager8 Matt Lager and I built this table together. Uploading for Matt
    24 points
  22. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Skitso remaster of Tom Tower’s and Ninuzzu’s Batman Dark Knight. Features: Visual overhaul by Skitso New gameplay and physics by bord Yeah, I know I said MB would be my last Skitso mod release, but I couldn't resist to publish my long ago made personal mod of this table when I got my hands to bord's physics mod. Pooof, quick merge and here we are again... This release will become obsolete in the (near?) future, as bord has a beautiful full render in the works. So, what can I say... enjoy this as a temporary amusement before the real deal coming later.
    24 points
  23. Version 1.0.5


    VR Room - Centaur (Bally 1981) v1.0.5 Destroy Centaur Notes: This is a joint release by Retro27 & Psiomicron Options in script for Flyer Poster, Backglass Reflections, Scratched Glass, Custom Cards and add and remove the B2S Backglass. Recommended B2S by: darquayle Versions: v1.0.5 Update to the Bumpers and Slingshot as was not working, Added better physics to the Bumpers and reposition the Slingshot walls v1.0.4 - Updated the artwork, added options to for the Flyer Poster, Backglass Reflections, Scr
    24 points
  24. Version v3.4.2


    Welcome to Firepower (Vs A.I.) V3.4.2 (VPX 10.6 rev. 3584 or later)A first of it's kind pinball game that you can actually play and challenge a fully capable A.I. computer. (Hal-9000)This release is both graphically and physically identical to my original Firepower but can also still be played in a vanilla state like the original.By default the computer's level of skill is set to "Expert" . Player 2, 3 and 4 are the computer. There are four levels of difficulty to choose from. Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. You can pick and choose which player is human or computer and even have all four playe
    23 points
  25. Version 1.2


    VR conversion for street fighter 2, thanks to roccodimarco for permission to put this table into a vr room. hope you all enjoy...
    23 points
  26. Version 2.0


    Big House (Gottlieb 1989)
    22 points
  27. Usually I only wanted to start experimenting with the new 64 color mode. Now too late to turn back lol, so here is a new WIP for you? It is not my top priority, so will take some time...
    22 points
  28. I have struggled with myself for a long time, many of you have already asked me about it ... I think this will be the biggest challenge and amount of work so far, but now I finally decided... ...to enter the Twilight Zone!
    22 points
  29. Version 3.0


    King Kong (Data East 1990)
    22 points
  30. Version 1.0.0


    This is an altsound conversion of the amazing pinsound package by Julian42 featuring The Who's Tommy OST, and enhanced sounds. Does not required pinsound studio to play Instructions: unzip tomy_400 folder with files into vPinMAME/altsound folder (create the folder if you haven't already), start table, hit F1, and change alt sound mode to 1. Exit table and restart. Changes from original pinsound package: adjusted timing of Christmas to match start of lightshow, adjusted start of ball 3 song Issues: End of game song plays to completion over any new game.
    21 points
  31. Version 1.3.1


    VR Room - Star Trek 25th Anniversary (Data East 1991) v1.3.1 Beam me up Scotty! Notes: Options in script for Flyer Poster, DMD & Backglass Reflections, Scratched Glass and alt Slide Blades. Recommended B2S by: Wildman,32assassin Versions: v1.3.1 - Added options for DMD, Backglass Reflections, added Flyer poster option by Retro27 v1.3 - Added flasher lights to start button and fire button by retro27 v1.2 - Some significant lighting changes by Sixtoe v1.1 - VR Room and Artwork added by Retro27 v1.0 - Ori
    21 points
  32. Version 1.0.0


    These conversions were a joint effort between Jim Jackson and myself to bring some of our favorite PuP-Pack videos to the same screen as our DMD. This way we could run the original B2S on the backglass screen to have the best of both worlds, big shout out to all the original authors that let us create these add-ons for their already amazing packs. Also to David Paiva for creating Pinup Popper/Player. (unblock) the zip extract it to your PUPVideos folder and run the Pup Pack on FullDMD.Bat and your done. (you must be running Pinup player 1.4.5 minimum and have a full DM
    20 points
  33. Version 1.0.0


    B2S for Eager Beaver
    20 points
  34. Version 1.0.0


    VR Room - Hurricane (Williams 1991) v1.2 Roll Up, Roll Up, Time for the ride of your life. Notes: Options in script for Flyer Poster, DMD & Backglass Reflections, Scratched Glass and Custom Price Card, Other Mods are in the script. Recommended B2S by: Wildman Versions: v1.2 - Added options for Flyer Poster, DMD reflection, Scratched Glass and New Price card By Retro27. Start Button added with help from UnclePaulie v1.1 - Tweaks by Sixtoe Deleted left and right rail ramps, left hand lights on layer11 cut to side
    20 points
  35. Version 1.0.0


    Michael Jordan (Data East 1992) Hi Rez
    19 points
  36. Looks like I am going down the rabbit hole for this one. If you've played CV, you know the DMD is quite elaborate. Looking forward to the challenge, and stay tuned for updates! Here's an appetizer!
    19 points
  37. Version 2.0


    Transporter The Rescue(Bally 1989)
    19 points
  38. Version 1.0.0


    Added the VR conversions to this table that was done by Balater (Thanks for the permission to mod!), originally done by Herweh, Fransisco666, and 32assassin. I used the dark image from chucky87's backglass file and imported into the table. I had to do quite a few VR mods to get it to look good (all documented in the script). Lots of lighting changes and a lot of work on the grill and blastoff flashers. And a lot of other changes, all documented in the script. Sixtoe provided a once over and had a couple lighting recommendations. Retro27 also helped with the cabinet graphics, a t
    19 points
  39. Version 2.0


    Pistol Poker (Alvin G 1993)
    19 points
  40. Yeah, sad day but happy to have this site. My most recent stuff will end up here eventually, too.
    19 points
  41. Version 2.0


    Bounty Hunter (Gottlieb 1985)
    19 points
  42. Version 2.1


    Riverboat Gambler (Williams 1990) HI REZ
    19 points
  43. @ARMYAVIATIONthanks man! @deathincclan those where crazy weeks indeed.... but i dont plan to stop making tables. Its my hobby.
    18 points
  44. Without speaking for him directly - give him space. A huge and frustrating thing went down, something a lot of people were heavily invested in. I can understand anyone needing time away for a bit and if his way of doing it is requesting his tables be offline for now then ok. He hasn't explicitly quit or said he wouldn't share them again. Different people are going to need different amounts of time to redirect or restore their passion for VP. Immediately isn't the best time to jump on someone who is choosing to step away. Who knows, the time away may be the difference between returning in the f
    18 points
  45. Hi to all I would share with you my first work of coloration on Cactus Canyon pinball machine. I've been working on it for a few weeks now, the result it seems very good I hope like . Bye
    18 points
  46. Version 2.0


    Tales from the Crypt (Data East 1993)
    18 points
  47. Version 3.0


    WaterWorld (Gottlib 1995)
    18 points
  48. Version 1.0.0


    This is the original creation from the amazing SupeRed, thanks you very much for this amazing work and thank you very much for give me permission to do the pup pack for it. Pup Pack with music videos and live music from the great band Pink Floyd by Team tuga credits on Pup Pack 2, 3 and 4 screens 2021-04-15 16-53-19.mp4
    17 points
  49. Version 1.0.0


    These conversions were a joint effort between Jim Jackson and myself to bring some of our favorite PuP-Pack videos to the same screen as our DMD. This way we could run the original B2S on the backglass screen to have the best of both worlds, big shout out to all the original authors that let us create these add-ons for their already amazing packs. Also to David Paiva for creating Pinup Popper/Player. (unblock) the zip extract it to your PUPVideos folder and run the Pup Pack on FullDMD.Bat and your done. (you must be running Pinup player 1.4.6 minimum and have a full DM
    17 points
  50. Version 2.0


    ACDC Premium (Stern 2012) hi rez
    17 points
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