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Tom and Jerry Attract (german version)

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I myself only know the German version that I grew up with.

I searched for the english intro and somehow found nothing.

I can also be wrong but I chose this version because it is a beautiful melody.


Udo Jürgens_Vielen Dank für die Blumen - Thanks for the flowers 


English Translation Lyrics:


As a man of action you're on good terms with the boss

When I made a pass at the secretary

I did my best and probably exaggerated

Because at work the boss comes first


He called me into his office and said: "You surely understand

It would be awful to lose you in this job

I really don't know how things should go on without you

But maybe we should give it a try by the start of next month?"


Thanks for the flowers!

Thanks, how sweet of you!

Sometimes life likes to play a game of cat and mouse with you

There will always be someone who outplays you

Thanks for the flowers!

Thanks, how sweet of you!



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