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Universe (Zaccaria 1976) 1.0.0

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Not many people may know this, but this game was used in a music video by the very successful Dutch group 2 UNLIMITED - No Limit (Rap Version) (Official Music Video). 


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Always good to see a Zaccaria in VPX as they are so rare, especially high quality ones.

I do think this version is being compromised in its current default state though, as a few simple tweaks makes the table look and sound a lot better IMO.


Standard brightness for instance seems much too high, setting the day/night cycle to two and a half clicks from the left solves its "washed out" appearance.

On top of that I increased playfield reflection to 50.

Tweaking the Backglass/FOV settings also nets substantial gain, at least when playing in 4:3 desktop mode; I'm using the following settings - 45/35/10/0/1/1/1/0/35/-250.

I normally don't touch the X/Y/Z scale, but in this instance I changed that rule as the vanilla X 1.2 and Y 1.1 make for a horizontally stretched look no matter the FOV.


As for the audio aspect, I changed the flipper and saucer (kickout) sounds, increased the "ballvel" fraction from 2000 to 50000.

I still have to look into different bumper sounds and why the drop targets seem to be inaudible.


In the end, a table with short playtimes (the flipper gap and outlanes are brutal) that's superior to the paid Magic Pixel version in virtually all respects.

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When I start this table, the playfield is "too far left" onscreen, so I quit to editor, press F6 and move it to a more acceptable position.
I then exit to the editor, and save the vpx.

When I restart the game, the table has moved to its original position.  I have tried save, save as, and looked for POV files, but there are none.  Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

The methodology mentioned above works with most other tables to correct or tweak their position...


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@ButtFuzz My guess is that even if you say there are no exported pov files - it actually is. Easy way to test. Move the table to a empty folder. Start it from there. Export the pov - re-test. If it works. Now move the table to where you want them to reside and say yes to overwriting BOTH files ;)


Nothing wrong with your methodology.

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thanks for this!

Zaccarias tables are great!
Hope to see HOTWHEELS soon.. one of the best zaccarias tables

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