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Hybrid View Tables (HV)

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Hybrid View Tables (HV) is a unique table view created by Rascal. This view incorporates a Full Screen table view with an attached, working, backglass. These are meant to be played using a single screen in a vertical position.

4 files

  1. Trigon (2004) (Original) (shiva) (Rascal) (Shadowsclassic) (Itchigo) (1.0) (HV)

    This is a conversion of shiva's Original 2004 Trigon which was created using shivaEngine 2. This is one of the greatest original tables ever made in VP and has lasted through the test of time.
    Big Thank you to shiva for allowing the release of this conversion of his awesome table.
    Thank you to Shadowsclassic for his work on the backglass clean up.
    Thank you to Itchigo for his WIP thread and motivation to make this conversion and for his project management. Nice whip cracking dude.



  2. Ten Strike Classic, (Benchmark Games, Inc) (2003) (Rascal) (1.4) (HV)

    Ten Strike Classic, Benchmark Games, 2003, two players. This is a reissue and copy of the 1957 Williams Ten Strike. This new 10 Strike uses identical cabinet and art as the original, but has solidstate guts and LED style score displays (instead of score reels). Has two bells (one and ten points) for sound. Scores like regulation bowling, or with a flip of a switch, scores like the original 1957 Williams Ten Strike. Made in Korea specifically for Benchmark, and available only in the five foot length (unlike the original 1957 Williams Ten Strike, which came in both five and seven foot lengths).
    Thanks go out to the following people:
    Wizards_Hat (Dan) for helping me by doing the scoring script.
    Noah Fentz (Paul) for getting me video and pictures from Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.
    Marvin for his useful information about the machine on the web.
    Benchmark Games for a copy of the manual.
    richg (Rich) for putting me on to the challenge and getting me some pictures.
    YouTube for video and sounds.
    Beta Testers and Support are:
    KEG, Pinball Buzz (Jon), Rawd (Rod), Sabbat (Freddie), gaminglord (Brad), yogiholzer (Jörg), NateD (Nate), and Bob5453 (Bob).
    Version 1.3 Added alpha glass to the box around the bowler, thanks for the suggestion Monk.
    Version 1.2 Added music to bowl by.
    Version 1.1 Fixed a graphic issue with the bowler man being cut in half.



  3. Flying Turns (1964) (Midway) (Rascal) (1.0) (HV)

    1964 Midway Flying Turns - This is the HV version of my table. This the full table and not a patch.
    This table is based on a 1964 Midway Flying Turns.
    Instead of playing for points, the cars in the backbox race around for laps. You pick up car lengths by hitting slingshots, rollovers, and kickers. You aim the ball launcher with the black knob to shot for lit kickers or rollovers.
    Special thanks go out to the following people:
    Sabbat (Freddie the Monk) - Freddie help me in so many ways. He got me in touch with Osprey101 who owns a rare Midway Flying Turns. He gave me a ton of support and spot on advice about settings and game play tweaks. He found a bunch of bugs for me to fix before release with his extreme beta testing. Without him, the table would not be half of what it is.
    Osprey101 (Shane) - for giving me a ton of details and images on this table. He was critical to getting the game play right. He also beta tested the table and gave me great feedback. A pinhead all the way! Great guy!
    Hassanchop - for an awesome background for the table and for sending me animation frames for the record player. Super nice work! Great artist!
    wildman - for advice, settings, and beta testing. Thanks dude.
    Rawd - for letting me steal his flipper buzz sounds.
    Bob, KEG, oooPLAYER1ooo, and a bunch of other guys in the chat room for helping and beta testing. Thanks guys.



  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2011) (Original) (StevOz) (Rascal) (1.0) (HV) (VP9.9.0 only)

    This is a conversion of StevOz's Original 2011 TMNT. Thank you StevOz for allowing me to make this conversion and allowing me the freedom to change some things. Also, thank you for your input on what you liked and what you thought should be changed.
    This is a VP 9.9.0. version, it will not play right in anything below that version. Thanks to unclewilly for the mesh library that I used for the posts and rubbers.



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