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  1. Airborne Avenger (Atari)(1977)(DarthMarino)(DT)(VP9) 16x9

    This is a Visual Pinball 9 desktop conversion of the VP8 Airborne Avenger table by John Shepherd and Destruk. I took some of the plastics from the Full Screen table by dboyrecords as well as various pictures on the internet. The main reason I made the table was to clean up the playfield as much as possible that will look decent in high resolution.
    This table is designed for 16x9 monitors. I have also uploaded a 4x3 version.



  2. Airborne Avenger (Atari)(1977)(DarthMarino)(DT)(VP9) 4x3

    This is a Visual Pinball 9 desktop conversion of the VP8 Airborne Avenger table by John Shepherd and Destruk. I took some of the plastics from the Full Screen table by dboyrecords as well as various pictures on the internet. The main reason I made the table was to clean up the playfield as much as possible that will look decent in high resolution.
    This table is designed for 4x3 monitors. I have also uploaded a 16x9 version.



  3. Alle Neune - Bowling (DT)(STAT)

    Here is my "Alle Neune" - Bowling Machine,
    it is a very nice Wall Machine, i remember, played it in Austria around the Year 1980 in some Bars ...
    Easy to play, hard to Win: Insert Coin (5) and the Game start, one Ball drop.
    You have 9 Balls to reach one Goal: Shoot down all Pins.
    Press and hold down the Button (Right Flipper OR Plunger Key) to change the Power Lever,
    then shoot up the Ball.
    The Game is over after 9 Balls.
    I hope you like it - thanks for Playing, have Fun.
    Greetings from Austria



  4. Bounty Hunter (Gottlieb 1985)(VP9_WS)

    Presenting the re-release of Bounty Hunter!
    - complete graphics overhaul
    - Metal finishings
    - Wood finishings
    - Ball-stoppers (wip)
    - Bounty Hunter table is a 100% authentic photo-stitched table
    - Reconstructed all wall-guides to the real table
    Enjoy the ride through the Wild-Wild-West!
    link to ROM:



  5. Cherry Bell DT

    Cherry Bell Desktop Table by Sonic
    It is my first Recreation, so please be easy with me
    I was very busy with the Script, there was no Rules avaiable.
    Please read the Rules.pdf inside the Downloadfile.
    Thanks to zany for Test and Bumpercabs Primitives
    Thanks to dark für some Informations about it
    I am working on a 1.1 also ...
    I hope you like it, thanks for Playing, have Fun !



  6. SpiderMan (Stern)(2007)(v1.0)(DT)(VP99x)

    SpiderMan desktop table based on Stern table, thank's Jp Salas for mod your table



  7. Road Race (Gottlieb 1969)(v1.0)(DT)(99x) & (Phys5)

    Gottlieb's Road Race (1969)

    Table primary build/scripted by Loserman!
    Thanks to the following for their contributions (whether they know it or not!)
    If I have missed anyone, let me know as this table would not exist without the folks in the community.
    Dazz - Playfield resources
    Freneticamnesiac - Playfield redraw (not used on this particular version)
    Grizz - Playfield and plastics redraws
    JPSalas - gameroom backdrop and methods gleaned from his fantastic tables
    EalaDubhSidhe - table object templates
    Black - HS save/load routines
    Itchigo - table templates which gave me ideas on how to accomplish what I wanted in this table
    CONRAM - various code ideas learned by tracing through code on his tables
    akiles50000 - for that totally awesome tutorial on table building. So much stuff I now understand because of the work put into this tutorial
    Inkochnito - scorecards/instruction cards
    Pinuck - Gottlieb chimes and score motor routines
    Herweh - directB2S designer and tools
    JimmyFingers - rolling ball and other objects' sound routines
    Bendigo - routines for rotating arrow target
    Arngrim - DOF scripting!
    Message from Dazz - Thanks to loserman76 and everyone for helping out with this build weather they know it or not. This game has been noted as one of the worst pinball games by Gottlieb. For the complete story about why this game means a lot to me check out my post on BYOAC.



  8. The Machine Bride of Pinbot

    My recreation of The Machine Bride of Pinbot



  9. Skateball (Bally) (1980) (gtxjoe) (Desktop WS) (9.2.1-9.9.0)

    Bally Skateball (1980)
    Press F6 to setup game options for best play.
    Skateball rules:

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to virtual pinball and keeps it interesting!
    Special Thanks to:
    arngrim - Skateball DOF config
    Wildman - Skateball directB2S
    akiles50000 - For the Big Brave Supertutorial
    PeBo - Inspiration taken from his Skateball table
    many many others for VP help and tips along the way



  10. Hearts_and_Spades_Gottlieb_1965_DT_LX

    Hi all,
    Since i love old and older EM's, I thought I'd share this table, hoping that someone like!
    I "built" the FS version, and a friend asked me the desktop: voilà...
    Needs VP990, and the font provided in the ZIP file (Gottlieb score).
    With VP921 there are some graphics problems and the em reel can't display right.
    To enter initials for the high score use flipper buttons to choose letters, plunger to confirm letter, and start to terminate.



  11. Space Shuttle (Williams) (1984) (Rosve) (WS)

    Desktop WS version of Williams Space Shuttle.
    Play in vp 9.9



  12. Grand Lizard (Williams) (1986) (Rosve) (WS)

    Desktop WS version of William's Grand Lizard.
    Best played in VP9.9



  13. Godzilla (SEGA) (1998) (Rosve) (WS)

    Desktop WS version of SEGA'S Godzilla.
    This Table is best played with Visual Pinbal 9.9.x.



  14. Monster Bash Desktop PcKiller Edition

    Reduced Texture sizes
    Added DOF Option
    Added Day Option which brightens the playfield
    Fixed Rolover lights blocking inserts
    This is the best i can get the table fps
    vsync set to auto will help smooth it out if the ball is choppy.
    If you use the most recent revision of the vp9.21 beta you can set the vsync per table
    Low poly version here:http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=3170
    Inbetween 1.9 version found here:http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9173
    didn't want to upload all 3 version here
    Rascal please do the hv for this table



  15. Airborne (Capcom)(1996)(Bodydump Jimmyfingers)(1.0)(DT)

    Well, here is Capcom's Airborne, finally. I believe I started redrawing the playfield in Sept. of 2011 and it was a long, sometimes painful, journey. Fortunately jimmyfingers joined me along the way helping me solve problems, teaching me many things aboutVP and making the table much better than I could have by myself. Thanks also to the following:
    UncleWilly for his starter table, borrowed scripts and objects, and for inspiration from all his work.
    Destruk/Tab for their original version of Airborne and for letting me use the Capcom emulation problem workarounds
    JPSalas for some objects/scripts and for inspiring all authors with his work and sheer volume of releases (this table probably would have taken him 2 weeks)
    Eala for his table objects which are always useful
    Koadic for his awesome plunger and selector script
    Player1 for the primitive drop target stuff and inspiration
    RipleYYY and his son for play testing and suggestions (since I've never even seen the real table)
    Grizz for the rail and lockbar textures and for telling me years ago to stop drawing Hyperspin wheels and redraw some playfields
    Bent98 for making me believe I could actual pull this table off and for yelling at me when I wanted to quit
    Fuzzel and Toxie for improving VP and for making the performance of the table increase without me doing anything
    Thanks to anyone I forget and to all other table authors sacrificing all their free time to keep this hobby alive.
    This is a fairly demanding table and will require a decent rig to run smoothly.



  16. The Rosve EM Collection

    A compilation of EM recreations that I made over the last couple of years.
    They are all in Wide screen format (16:9)
    Big Valley
    Captain Fantastic
    Central Park
    Dipsy Doodle
    Flash Gordon (re-themed 1965 Gottlieb pin "Ice Revue")
    Mars Trek
    See Saw



  17. Atlantis(Bally 1989)(WS)(v1.1)(9.15+)

    Atlantis v1.1 for VP9.15+
    by ICPjuggla, Herweh and OldSkoolGamer
    Physics by rob046
    Thanks go to CaptainNeo and Plumb for the pf scan and Koadic for getting us started. ArcadiusMaximus for the 3D model Sub
    Special thanks to EalaDubhSidhe for the great pictures.
    This was a 'from scratch' rebuild. All Artwork/Lighting/GI by OldSkoolGamer
    Thanks for and to:
    - Physics tweaks by rob046
    - Flasher images and more from JP
    - Ball rolling code, some sound files and the single ramp refresh idea by JimmyFingers
    - Ball rolling code by Rascal
    - Alpha Ramp Plunger code by Koadic
    - B2B Collision code by Steely & Pinball Ken
    - lighting bugs looked at by Kiwi
    and to all I've forgotten here (maybe).
    The table features 'Customizable Options' at the top of the table script. You may select VPInMAME, UVP, or B2S, DMD rotation, GI Flashers on/off, Cabinet Sounds, Ball Size, and even your choice of Flipper Coloring.
    We have added a new 'customizable Option' in the script for the instruction cards. use the original black/white or new colored cards.
    colored cards are set to default, just change them in the script if you like the black/white better.
    Fixed top kicker hole
    Fixed flippers
    Added a better looking sub



  18. Satin Doll

    Started from Ash's vp8 version, but completely redone.
    A wonderfully simple EM.
    Hitting all 5 center rollovers:
    1st time: Lights all rollovers, and bumpers.
    2nd time: Double bonus.
    3rd time: Lights Special.
    Replays at 85,000, and 95,000.
    Redraw: Chinzman93.
    Plunger from JP Salas.
    Bumpers from Bob 5453.
    Author: Itchigo.
    No rom needed!
    This should play all the way down to 9.1.2, and still work with the current version. No primatives in it.



  19. Big Bang Bar (Capcom) (1996) (Uw Jf G) (2.0) (DT)

    Recreation based on capcom's Big Bang Bar
    Best if played on the most recent VP daily build
    Built and coded by unclewilly and jimmy fingers
    art by Grizz



  20. Shangri-La (Williams)(1967)(Bodydump)(1.0)(DT)(9.16)

    Williams Shangri-La EM from 1967
    Special Thanks to:
    Leon Spalding for his VP8 version from which I borrowed some scoring/gameplay code
    Itchigo for his 4 player EM template which I used extensively
    UncleWilly for his starter table and all his other tables which I have pulled apart and learned/borrowed from
    JP Salas and Pinuck whose tables I studied extensively to learn how to build and borrowed from
    Eala for his parts table which was very useful
    JimmyFingers for the sounds/sound routines and for his constant support
    TheWool for his awesome physics tweaks that make the game play like it should
    Bent98 for the LEDWiz code and for moral support
    Dick Kanold for providing me with the real Shangri-La that's in a million pieces in my garage waiting to be rebuilt
    Best used with VP 9.16
    Will work in version 9.15 but primitive flippers may cause graphics corruptions



  21. Deadly Weapon (Gottlieb)(1990)(Bodydump)(1.0)(DT)(9.14)

    Gottlieb/Premier "Street Level" game from 1990.
    Thanks to:
    TheWool for physics tweaking
    JimmyFingers for Flipper ans Sound Routines
    Destruk for general help
    UncleWilly, JP, Eala for some table objects and inspiration



  22. Sharpshooter (Game Plan) (1979) (Bodydump) (1.1) (DT)

    New version of the 1979 Roger Sharpe table, Sharpshooter by Game Plan.
    Thanks to Eala for his original vp8 table and his object table which I borrowed from
    Thanks to JimmyFingers for physics tweaks and BMPR modding and improved sound/sound routines.
    Thanks to Rob046, Uncle Willy and Destruk for help, question answering and opinions.
    For 4:3 either download version 1.0 or change x-scale in backdop to 1.1 and change backdrop image from "backdropws" to "backdrop"



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