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Future Pinball Files

12 files

  1. PinEvent: "DOF, MX, PUP, SSF, PUPDMD, PUP Stream" for Future Pinball

    TerryRed's PinEvent Install Guide and files for Future Pinball
    I created PinEvent so I could have a complete feature set and standard for my own table releases on Future Pinball it also allows for the following features to be used without the need for additional applications such as DOFLinx  
    PinEvent features:
    DOF (direct output framework) for cabinet hardware feedback, controlled lighting and toys Pinup Player PuP-Packs PUP SSF and 3D positional ball rolling PUPDMD (4:1 DMD , Real DMD, 16:9 FullDMD) choose what devices are output to SSF for custom setups choose what devices are output to DOF for custom setups PinEvent profile settings for any FP mode (desktop, cabinet/arcade mode, VR) custom PinEvent settings per table via table script options  
    Amazing new PUP Stream feature!
    the new BAM PuP Plug-in allows you to stream any PUP window into Future Pinball as any texture anywhere in the table! this allows you to see the PuP-Pack and PUPDMD "in" Future Pinball itself. PinEvent options allow you to display ANY program's window (not just PUP) on the Future Pinball Backbox, Apron Cards, Desktop HUD, and on the playfield works in ALL modes (Desktop, Cabinet, VR). Very cool!  
    What do I need PinEvent for?
    all of TerryRed's PinEvent tables or mods for Future Pinball without the PinEvent files installed, the PinEvent table will NOT work  
    desktop users who only want to play the table (no DOF or PuP), just need to install the PinEvent files after that, my PinEvent table mods will play like a normal Future Pinball table  
    DOF and Pinup Player features (optional):
    to use these features you need PinEvent installed and properly setup you also need DOF and Pinup Player installed and setup correctly (more info in the Install Guide)  
    Why was PinEvent created?
    Future Pinball restricted the usage of external applications with tables. This made it difficult to add DOF and PUP support to Future Pinball tables. in the past there were efforts from GLXB and others (LedWiz support), and currently from DDH69 (DOFLinx). While these work great (I still love DOFLinx), they have limitations  
    PinEvent isn't restricted at all. It uses the new COM Extensions plug-in for BAM (made by Nailbuster and ravarcade) that allows Future Pinball to "directly" access DOF and Pinup Player and be able to use ALL their features!
    As a result I was able to make a new script / command standard for myself to add DOF / PUP / SSF features to any Future Pinball table. This allows for ease of use (for the player) while now allowing for advanced features such as PUPDMD and cool new features like PUP Stream!
    This also allowed me to add custom features for users to use per table, or by PinEvent profiles that can have each table / pup-pack / pupdmd work automatically with the correct settings needed for the table without needing to touch the table script.
    What does PinEvent do?
    PinEvent will manage and control “DOF, PuP, PUP-SSF, PUPDMD, PUP Stream” as well as normal Future Pinball playsound commands used for mechanical events (such as flippers, bumpers, ball drops, drain ,etc). It does this only on tables modded for PinEvent by TerryRed
    How PinEvent Works
    the table will load the PinEvent_Variables.vbs and then PinEvent_Settings.vbs file to load the PinEvent Profile’s settings (based on what PinEvent Profile is set in the table script 0-5 ) by default the table is set to Autodetect (0), and will choose a PinEvent Profile based on what mode Future Pinball is using (Desktop, Arcade/Cabinet, VR) PinEvent will then load PinEvent_Control.vbs and check to see if DOF and PuP are installed, AND accessable if DOF or PuP are not installed,  then the DOF and PuP features are disabled and their commands are bypassed (the table will operate like a normal Future Pinball table) if PUPDMD is enabled, then PinEvent_PUPDMD.vbs is loaded if DOF is detected and enabled, a DOF session is started if PuP is detected and enabled, the PuP-Pack is started the table starts the table will now play and be able to trigger and control DOF / PUP / SSF / PUPDMD (if enabled) shortly after the table starts (3-6 secs), any PUP Stream options enabled will appear on the table (if enabled)  
    Custom PinEvent Settings on a Per-Table Basis
    a PinEvent table’s script has a “PinEvent Custom Settings for this table only” section this can be used to override the PinEvent settings in the PinEvent_Settings.vbs file this is only needed for custom settings on a per table basis an example would be if the table doesn’t offer your preferred PUPDMD feature, or you need to use a different PUPDMD setting for a specific PuP-Pack  
    PinEvent Features are Optional
    you don’t have to use all (or any) of the features that a PinEvent table offers DOF / PUP SSF / PUPDMD / PuP Backglass or Topper Videos / PUP Stream, can each be enabled or disabled  
    Pinup Player PuP-Packs
    each PinEvent PuP-Pack has multiple “Options” to choose from for every type of setup  
    Thanks to:
    ravarcade for the many updates to BAM that allowed this to be possible ravarcade and DJRobX for the PuP Plug-in that allows PUP Stream to work Nailbuster for Pinup Player, the PUPDMD Framework, and help with vbs code examples  
    For a video showcase of PinEvent in action, watch these epic videos:
    ****** PinEvent is NOT open for everyone to use on their table mods ******
    PinEvent vbs files and the name “PinEvent” are not to be used for other table mods and updates “PinEvent” refers to my own specific work that I created to be used for my own table releases “PinEvent” represents my own standard for specific features and updates that represent my own quality of work please do not use the PinEvent vbs files in your table updates, as I may be updating these files in the future and this will impact all tables that use them please do not use the name “PinEvent” on any table mods, or when referring to pup or dof mods of a FP table I will not support any table mods using the PinEvent vbs files, except for my own table releases  
    You CAN use the PuP / DOF code in your own table mods!
    I have created a simple "starter" code to allow others to add DOF or PUP support to a FP table, I just haven't gotten around to posting it yet   
    DO NOT modify my PinEvent DOF configs for my tables on DOF Config Tool!
    I have VERY specific DOF configs that are designed to work with my PinEvent table updates only if you wish to make DOF changes to a PinEvent table, you can do so on your own Private config DO NOT submit changes from your private DOF config for Public consideration! (if there is a problem on one of my tables, please message me) I specifically added separate “PinEvent only” configs so that everyone is free to use the normal FP configs to mod other FP tables for DOF  
    ******   PinEvent Files and PinEvent Install Instructions ******
    Created by: TerryRed
    PinEvent: 1.4, June 2020
    PinEvent Install Guide: 2.0, April 15, 2021
    What is included?
    PinEvent vbs files PinEvent Install Guide (pdf, docx)  
    How to Install PinEvent files and setup PinEvent?
    read and follow the PinEvent Install Guide file that is included! it tells you everything you need to know it has links for everything you need please read the FAQ at the bottom of the PinEvent Install Guide for the answers to most questions!  
    Good Luck!



  2. Hawaiian Beauty ( Gottlieb 1954 )

    Manufacturer: D. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977) [Trade Name: Gottlieb] Date Of Manufacture: May, 1954 Model Number: 85 Type: Electro-mechanical (EM)  Production: 900 units   (confirmed) Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (IPSND.net)  (External site) Theme: American Places - Travel Notable Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3, between the flippers), Gobble holes (2). Design by: Wayne Neyens Art by: Roy Parker  



  3. Grand Slam Gottlieb - 1953

    Grand Slam / IPD No. 1074 / April, 1953 / 1 Player
    Manufacturer: D. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977) [Trade Name: Gottlieb] Date Of Manufacture: April, 1953 Model Number: 76 Type: Electro-mechanical (EM)  Production: 1,800 units   (confirmed) Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (IPSND.net)  (External site) Theme: Sports - Baseball Notable Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Passive bumpers (5), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (4), Kick-out holes (3). There are five outlanes between the flippers. Design by: Wayne Neyens Art by: Roy Parker  



  4. " Lancers " ( Gottlieb 1961 )

    Manufacturer: D. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977) [Trade Name: Gottlieb] Date Of Manufacture: August, 1961 Model Number: 178 Type: Electro-mechanical (EM)  Production: 1,700 units   (confirmed) Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (IPSND.net)  (External site) Theme: Cavalry - Military Notable Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (4), Slingshots (2), Kick-out holes (4). The two center kick-out holes propel balls towards top of playfield. The two side holes kick balls towards flippers. 3 or 5 ball play. Design by: Wayne Neyens Art by: Roy Parker  



  5. Virtual pinball phisics 2.7

    This is the physics 2.7 for future pinball needed to run Slam's pinball machines for future pinball.



  6. panthera

    Granit built this table. Game plays good. This is version 1.0 Ghost did plastics, music, sound effects. Enjoy the game. Any updates or upgrades are free to mod. May need better scripts.

    corner logo provided by vpforums team. game includes photos for light decals. check game for more.



  7. FP2.5R2 New Physics

    Hi Guys! This is the "Final Release" of the FP2.5R2.
    Only executables. Download the FP2.5R2 Pack first and then replace the executables with those ones.
    WHY this and WHY now????
    - Well, the "R2" have his "Core" enhanced BUT the physics were "close to" FP2.5 for compatibility issues and "No! Not another physics mod" issues.
    - F*ck that!
    - I want to share MY version of the physics with this MOD!
    - It's the last time the R2 will change (unless a Miracle happens or something will really benefit the gamers)
    So... have a nice play! I hope this version will be the best you ever had.
    As always... this version works with ALL the tables (but non Zed and non 2.6) without any (or almost any) modifications!
    To be released soon... my "FPR2<->" "Arduino Side" Source Code and "Windows Side" monitor.
    I will post a Youtube video for it and share the code in here. It only works with FP2.5R2.



  8. Future Pinball 2.5 R2

    Future Pinball 2.5 Release 2.
    Based on FP2.5 Original from 2013 (Based on the FP latest version 2010).
    This version besides being almost the same as 2.5 in "Physics" aspect, has a lot more to offer. (since I had lot of ppl asking me... here's the changes)
    Faster "Splash" screen closing, starting of game more rapid, no Objects Limit,no "Table MAC" check, "Save for Arcade" mode, registry values added, RSS Feeds and "Table Laucher" working, API calling, no "Table Slope" limitation, support for using 4Gb virtual memory in x64 system, "Black Bar" effect of FP2.5R1 resolved.



  9. Future Pinball - Physics Mod v 2.5 with RSS

    Same 2.5 physics - only difference in this file is that the RSS feed is working again when you click on Help, Get More Tables To Play. This is if you wish to use the program itself to view all new releases from pinsimdb.org through it's RSS feed.
    Just drop the .exe into your FP folder and launch.



  10. Pinball Settings & Profile Manager

    Gui to create profiles for FP. Create/Backup/Save/Load
    Add VP settings into tab
    Add FP arcade camera and lighting into advanced tab
    Custom Cams
    Load profiles through FPLaunch on a per table basis
    Add test table launch
    My main personal use for this is easy switching from desktop to arcade render, as and when.



  11. Future Pinball - Physics Mod

    *Warning* Some Future Pinball tables may not work with this version of Future Pinball.
    ** Note **
    This file requires that you already have Future Pinball installed. Drop this file into your Future Pinball installation directory.
    - Settings for ball mass, gravity, surfaces and flippers have all been improved to more accurately match the behavior of real pinball (or as close as FP and the Newton Engine can get).
    - Some dll files have been updated with latest versions.
    - The 800 object limitation for table construction has been increased to 3000.
    - Arcade Lighting settings that were present in the pre-2010 version of FP are now back.
    - Startup screen, FP watermark and loading information have been removed to speed up loading time.
    There are 2 versions - 2.5.165 and 2.5.178:
    Version 2.5.165 (Authors) - Textures are loaded into the editor for table creation.
    Version 2.5.178 (Players) - No textures are loaded into the editor, faster loading time (newest version of dll used).
    Both versions are identical apart form the dll used to access the textures for the editor. 165 is the old version, 178 is the newest and more stable version but it doesn't load the textures into the editor.
    Backup your existing files first or create a new directory. Unpack, copy and paste all the files into your FP directory (replace the old files when prompted)
    Kudos and thanks to the team involved with this update.
    Any problems, please discuss them here in VPUniverse.



  12. Future Pinball

    Official Future Pinball release. v1.9.1.20101231



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