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VR Pinball Install Required Files

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  1. VPX VR Launcher

    With this tool it's possible to switch tables without the need of removing your VR-headset. 
    Now you can stay at your cabinet while playing and switching tables without the need of VR-controls. 
    The newest version includes most of the released VR-tables as preview-tables. 
    If you want me to add new tables simple leave a comment here.
    Version 4 (Unity Tableselection)
    Youtube Video: Check out what it looks like!
    tablearray config via xml and image-files coded in unity/c# for oculus vr OR openvr (32bit windows) starts only once and takes control, when vpx is quitting 0% CPU-usage while playing VPX much faster loading time  
    Extract ZIP in your "Visual Pinball"-folder (home of VPinballX_GL.exe).
    "vpx vr-launcher4.exe" and application-folder "/vrlauncher4" should be directly in this folder. Before 1st launch edit /vrlauncher4/config/config.xml. Start "vpx vr-launcher4.exe".  
    Setup instruction inside /vrlauncher4/readme.txt:
    Mapping controls section <keys>:
    Letter keys a, b, c... Number keys 1, 2, 3... Arrow keys up, down, left, right Numpad keys [1], [2], [3], [+], [equals]... Modifier keys
    right shift, left shift, right ctrl, left ctrl, right alt, left alt, right cmd, left cmd Special keys
    backspace, tab, return, escape, space, delete, enter, insert, home, end, page up, page down Function keys f1, f2, f3... Mouse buttons mouse 0, mouse 1, mouse 2... A specific button on any joystick
    joystick button 0, joystick button 1, joystick button 2... A specific button on a specific joystick
    joystick 1 button 0, joystick 1 button 1, joystick 2 button 0...  
    section <filters>:
    This is a FILENAME filtersystem
    <filter>     <name><![CDATA[Williams 80's]]></name>     <needed><![CDATA[williams,198]]></needed> </filter> You can add as many filters, you want.
    "name" holds the name displayed.
    "needed" is a commaseperated string of words to must be in filename.
    section <paths>:
    <tables>E:\Tables-VR\</tables> here are your vpx-vr files stores
    <vp106exe>C:\VP\VPinballX_GL.exe</vp106exe> the vpx.exe to start 10.6 tables
    <vp107exe>C:\VP\VPinballX_GL_10.7.exe</vp107exe>    the vpx.exe to start 10.7 tables 
    used by tablenames containing "(10.7)" in filename
    section <settings>:
    <vrdevice>openvr</vrdevice> "oculus" uses oculus driver directly (best for oculus devices)
    "openvr" for all other devices
    <vrtracking>1</vrtracking> you can enable or disable (0) the rotation tracking of your headset
    <startdebug>0</startdebug> set this to 1, if you want to start with info-overlay
    <cameraheight>16</cameraheight> <cameradistance>40</cameradistance> <cameraangle>8</cameraangle> adjustment for your view (you can reduce distance to stay nearer the cabs)
    <fontsize>24</fontsize> You can resize fontsize of the dotmatrix-display showing tablename.
    <effects>1</effects> set this to 1 to enable additional visual effects
    <startfilter>0</startfilter> If you want to start with one of your filters, set this to the filter.
    1 = first filter
    3 = third ...
    <sounds>1</sounds> 0 = sounds disabled
    <swapsounds>0</swapsounds> set this to 1 to swap left and right
    Table Config
    Tables can be edited (added) inside tables.xml:
    <table>     <name><![CDATA[<color=#ff0000>AC-DC<br>PREMIUM LUCI</color>]]></name>     <manufactor>Stern 2012</manufactor>     <needed>ac,dc,luci</needed>     <forbidden>whatever</forbidden>     <image>acdcluci</image> </table> "name" inside CDATA[ ... ] you set the displayed tablename.
    optional you can set a html-hexvalue of an rgb color inside a <color> tag.
    valide hexvalues for the rgb-colors from 00 to FF
    "needed" commaseperated words have to be found in filename
    "forbidden" opposit of "needed"
    "image" filename of image (jpg/png) without extension
    This image has to be placed in "/vrlauncher4/config/graphics".
    The format is compatible to vrlauncher 3.
    There is a template file for creating your own images:
    "dmd" (optional) if you set dmd to anything, the DMD will not be visible
    example: <dmd>0</dmd>
    have fun!
    Version 3 (VPX Tableselection)
    Autoupdates reactivated!
    Since 3.36
    DiffPatcher downloads and updates small binary update-files /vrlauncher folder.

    This is the directory (ends with "\") where your vr-vpx-tables are stored.
    Filter 1-9 
    read info/filter
    up, down, left, right, start
    hold vpx_gl on top
    Hold the player (VPinballX_GL.exe) in front focus so you don't loose key control.
    Show keyboard codes (numbers) you can use to setup.
    You can use Default cabinet-keys too. (read info)

    minimize vrlauncher at start

    if enabled key-controls are firing pinball-sounds
    is a new option to auto toggle "forcedirectB2s" if a table has a *.directb2s-file.
    filter clones
    if enabled clones will be ignored. you'll have only one table recognized.
    if disabled all recognized files will be shown. you can differentiate them by filename info.
    Extract the zip into your vpx folder (where VPinballX_GL.exe is located): 
    Start vpx-vrlauncher.exe
    (the file at vp-root next to VPinballX_GL.exe)
    Setup your table-folder.
    Save and restart vpx-vrlauncher.exe.
    Best results (fast loading speeds, many capturing improvements) with the newest vpvr 10.6 beta of Caligula, DJRobX and Rawnei! 
    Default cabinet-keys (configurable in launcher):
    LeftFlipperKey: previous table
    RightFlipperKey: next table
    plunger: start selected table
    LeftMagnasave: previous column
    RightMagnasave: next column
    PlungerKey: load&start table
    AddCreditKey: open filter menu (hold key, then toggle with left/right)
    If you want the default keys (shown above) leave this at "default" or "reverse" (without quotes).
    If you want to setup your own decimal key codes you can get them from vpx registry or with my debugkeys option.
    You can also use vpx key constants like:
    LeftFlipperKey, RightFlipperKey, LeftMagnasave, RightMagnasave, StartGameKey, AddCreditKey, AddCreditKey2, PlungerKey, LeftTiltKey, RightTiltKey, CenterTiltKey, MechanicalTilt
    Since v.3.00 you can setup your own filters and toggle them with a free configurable key (default = AddCreditKey).
    Empty filters are disabled. You can use comma-separated values for each filter.
    Optional you can name each filter. For this you start with filtername:filter
    An Example - If you want to make an 80s filter:
    80s: 1980,1981,1982,1983,1984,1985,1986,1987,1988,1989
    SelectMode-Key toggles:
    1st press: Select favourites ON: Select fav with left/right and confirm with startKey.
    2nd press: Save selected table as favourite: Change target-slot with let/right and confirm with startKey.
    3rd press: Select favourites OFF
    Hint: You can leave the SelectMode-Key empty to disable the new favourites-feature.
    If you want to support the community with graphics for not included tables, grab the vrlauncher-template.zip and send me images.


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