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  3. I have 2 questions about the table. How can you see the dmd? In the options capture external dmd is activated and in the table, by pressing the F1 key, exterenes dmd is also activated, also in Vpinmame. Which setting should be made? The 2nd question: the table looks smaller, is that also the case in reality or do I have wrong settings here too?
  4. View File VR ROOM Super Mario Bros v 1.2 VR conversion for super mario bros Submitter pattyg234 Submitted 04/21/2021 Category VR - Visual Pinball X VR Conversions ROM Name Modified by Original Table Author ninuzzu/Tom Tower
  5. Thanks Rosve! I always loved playing the previous version - a great table and really enjoyable. Very excited to get some time in on this updated table.
  6. Still don't answer the question though. A quick Google tells me ground is - but I would like to be certain so I don't do it wrong. Because I don't know if it matters. So I rephrase the question: Dose ground go in + or -
  7. There should be a + and - sign on the pcb
  8. I finally figured out that to do the conversion, I had to "Run as an administrator" pin2dmd-editor... and once converted, I run "normally" without issues...
  9. Thanks for the update and your efforts. I re-discovered this table a couple months ago and spent an evening playing it. I look forward to trying this version with your modifications.
  10. So, someone said at version 1.5 it was done ? Love to see this NOT being so. Cab has not been on this week here. So, it basically means, cleanup some old version and jump into the latest and greatest to see what you've come up with here. I mentioned it over at vpf. Not a game I have spent much time with, so, I'm curious now to see your progress. Thank you once again mate.
  11. Beautiful table bord and scottacus - thank you! I love these old classics and it is a real treat when we receive a release like this one.
  12. In what order? Is that important? Like, ground has to be in 2 and 12v must be in 1 or the other way around? Google fails me on this subject.
  13. Since I have everyone's attention.... Now that everyone knows about my new Silent Hill Epic Gamez mode I'm working on for RetroFlair 2... I need help from you smart 3D modelers. I have extracted the straightjacket / armless monster from Silent Hill 2 to "try" to use in the table... but unfortunately half the polygons are "reversed" and show up as transparent in FP and in blender... but other apps it won't (because of how they handle rendering and all polygons render forward,etc). I was wondering if anyone knows how to either fix this, or if they can create a
    Wow this hobby just keeps getting better and better, table looks and plays great. I played this a lot at the arcade when it first came out. Thanks again.
  14. Great table. Thank you! I have one problem: If i start the table i get this error : "L26 has an invalid shape! It can not be rendered" Any idea how i can fix this? All my files are up to date and this is the only table i get an error ;-(. The table works fine if i hit the ok buttón...but i can`t start the table with the vpx launcher this way.
  15. Version 1.2


    VR conversion for super mario bros
  16. Yup, that's right. This connector, VHR-4N, makes it easier but the screw terminals work just as well.
  17. Great table. Cheers. Was hoping this one would be converted...Nice one...😀👍...
  18. all your other tables everything works perfect. This one i cant get the pup to even load. s
  19. thanks for sharing these. I've got a collection going and one day I'll figure out how to get pup packs to work with FX3 like all you guys did
  20. Thank you very much for all of your work, awesome table(s). Your helpful guides got me started in this hobby and your tables keep me around. Incredible work.
  21. Yesterday
  22. View File VR ROOM Space Invaders (Bally 1980) Minimal Joint VR Room by Psiomicron and Retro27 Options in script to enable/disable B2S, poster, logo, and custom flippers. Topper by Retro27 Submitter psiomicron Submitted 04/21/2021 Category VR - Visual Pinball X VR Conversions ROM Name Mod
  23. Version 1.0.4


    Joint VR Room by Psiomicron and Retro27 Options in script to enable/disable B2S, poster, logo, and custom flippers. Topper by Retro27
  24. Hi love the work but got a prob the seplin overlay.png show on my playfield any idea how to fix this thank you.
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