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  3. Thank You for the update. On previous versions there is a knocking at the beginning of game. I don’t hear it on this version. Just wondering if the knock should be there?
  4. You're too quick! I edited my post that I edited that line in my version and it's working!
  5. I'm running a VPW table but 442 is If Err Then MsgBox Err.Description. I'm running MODv1.1 of the table. EDIT: my line is a few lines lower but made the change and it's working so THANK YOU!! Don't know how you figured this out but thank you!
  6. Using 10.7.0 Received Line 55 Game Name not found error A few of the VPX 10.7 tables have given me this error. How can I remedy this? Thanks!
  7. hannon904


  8. Table looks great, but I cannot start a game for some reason?
  9. Question....would this work with the PUP pack that is available for Adam's Family?
    This is one of the best recreations I've ever seen. Sooooo good! Thanks for your efforts and for sharing.
  10. ah yes, that's what i meant: https://www.ipdb.org/files/21/Bally_1994_The_Addams_Family_Special_Collectors_Edition_Differences_between_TAF_and_TAFG.txt Very interesting for me: the "Cousin Hideout" - Score Feature in the other ROM and the Buy-In-Button Feature. If there are no plans for a 2nd "Gold" Release, i want to "Gold Coloring" the Part for my own Collection ... like the old one Gold Version from Sliderpoint, if i remember correctly.
  11. No update on the files. Just some clarification of details in the description. Haven't had any bug reports yet since the last release.
  12. Your work is fantastic! The tables are beautiful and very realistic, congratulations... I love Attack From Mars.. hugs
  13. Yes, i know - that means, is the Table ready for the 2nd ROM too ? Because there is also a Variable in the VP Script ... i don't know, if that is the right one Feature, "Thing Trainer/Flip" or so ... i cant check that now ... And i think, the 2nd ROM also have the "Hidden Cousin Feature" ... ah well, i always forget the complete Stuff for this Table 😉
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