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  2. I often claim 1965 was pinball's greatest year. Thanks for the game!
  3. 32 seasons / 701 episodes...amazing to find and apply all the great clips for this pup pack :)
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    Looks great going by the picture. Hoping 32assassin will upload the table soon. Thanks for all of your great backglasses Wildman.
  5. Thanks for updating, Terry. Also, I went ahead and just downloaded the spreadsheet, partly because I'm adding more and more DOF toys to our cabinet here, and it'll be handy if I finally get off my duff and start making my own proper tables.
  6. Thanks for continuing to improve this already incredible table. Great job guys! Cheers!
  7. There are no PUP pack for this table now VPinball is gone unless someone uploads it up here.
  8. I don't know wtf I did but I was messing around with the luts in the script and now I'm getting errors I cant get rid of. Downloaded a fresh copy but it's still throwing these errors. Sorry for the shitty pics.
  9. Thanks Wildman. I know you don't get enough thanks!
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  11. ********** How to Add DOF support to a Future Pinball table ********** by TerryRed - this will add support for DOF (Direct Output Framework) for cabinet feedback and lighting support - this is NOT the same as the DOF features for TerryRed's PinEvent tables / mods - this does NOT use or require the PinEvent vbs files - this does not use or require DOFLinx - you should NOT have DOFLinx running when playing a table that uses this code (so both aren't accessing DOF at the same time) - you still need to add DOF commands (for each event) throughout yo
  12. That is a great feature from an end user point of view. I prefer to show my thanks with a donation.
  13. A really lovely EM tables and plays really nice. Thanks for this.
  14. My name is Brandon, and my wife's name is Kelly. I'm not kidding.
  15. Updated post a bit. It's been a long while. - I added info about my PinEvent tables (and how no one is to modify my PinEvent DOF configs... they start with FP_PE) - added a link to a post that shows how to add DOF support to any Future Pinball tables without needing PinEvent or DOFLinx
  16. My favourite Future table, thank you Terry, Great Job!
  17. View File Eager Beaver (Williams 1965) B2S for Eager Beaver Submitter brandonkelley Submitted 04/10/2021 Category B2S Backglasses  
  18. i will just give up. not worth this trouble
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