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  3. Anyone figure how to get the pup/DMD working correct. I have a 3rd screen for DMD and I got the DMD #'s to show up on it but the overlay and video just plays on the playfield.
  4. Thank you so much Wildman! Looks fantastic.
    Great table i had never played before. Well done on the room Rajo, thanks!
  5. Darkstar


  6. Congrats on the release, looks like it even surpasses your previous work. Looking forward to trying it tomorrow! Thanks to all who assisted too
  7. Wow Great job. Excellent original theme. Love the sounds, graphics and integration.
  8. Wiped script and pasted the script mentioned. Now I get a random error Line 874.
  9. The VPVR0.7.zip on this website is the only one I know of and it works fine for me. https://sourceforge.net/projects/vpvr/files/
  10. Really fun table! I had the Gottlieb Baseball equivalent a while back (home run), they are pretty neat games especially if you have friends who aren't very good at traditional pins. 2P is a nice bonus! Artwork is really smooth, could use some Bills players though 😄
    Such a great update, thanks to GoldChicco and others involved! One of my favorite EMs! 😃
  11. @MPTech try downloading v1.1 and see if that fixes things for 3 screen setups.
  12. Sorry about that. Thought I had done that. I'll try again and post an updated file shortly.
  13. Not a bug So the options won't work until the "grill height" is added? - Yes If you use 3 screen setup link you will never have to touch those options it will be automatic Hide the grill as long as the back glass has a grill height in it
  14. So the options won't work until the "grill height" is added? Is this a bug (or incomplete development then)? not complaining, asking.
  15. You're really pumping these things out which means you're not drinking enough 🍻 Thanks, buddy. Looking good.
  16. Love the new 5:4 option! It looks stunning. Thank you so much.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Because when @topper2k made this back glass they did not add a grill height cut off so it needs to be added, That way when you put it on your system the grill will be gone
  19. With a little back and forth, we got it working on my cab. Turns out to be the typical Windows shenanigans regarding logical screen numbers versus what they're numbered in the Display Settings. I know what I'm planning on playing later. And yes, I only plan on running the two for right now. I've had issues trying to get The Web working, so I'll stick with the VPX port, and I have the Barnstormers port of Timeshock already installed.
  20. Actually I figured out an easy way to do it - created a PinUpPlayer.ini file where the backglass is on my FullDMD and stuck it in the root of the pizzatime pup-pack and it worked like a charm!
  21. Wasn't intending to change the grill height, just use the existing option to not display it. Does this functionality not work on this B2S? I've done this many, many times to remove the Grill/Speakers. Why is this B2S different. Not trying to be confrontational, just understand better.
  22. I see there's a new b2s for pizzatime so that you can run the pup on a FullDMD. Was looking to do this but in the table script it says "For FULLDMD use the batch scripts in the pup pack". I don't see any scripts in the PupPack. Also looking in the Pup-Pack Options folder in the pup-pack, this folder is empty. I got the version from the orbitalpin site. Do I need to manually change the pup-pack to try to do this or are there scripts that are supposed to be in the pup-pack that I'm missing?
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