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VPU Online Virtual Pinball League - The league is a series of events. Each event will have 5 games, aka Arenas, per event. Players may play and submit scores, via the league event page on Match Play Events, as many times as they want per game. Only the highest score per player/per game will be accepted. The players lowest score on 1 game will be dropped. Top score in each arena earns 100 points, second highest score 99 points, etc. This will give a possible max score of 400 points for each event.
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  2. I was looking at the rules, since I'm new to the online pinball league, and I did not see any rules regarding any extra balls awarded during the course of the game. I'm assuming that using extra balls is allowed since no mention of what to do in case such a situation occurs. Otherwise, I will just plunge the extra ball and let it run its course.

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