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Blood Machines (VPW Original 2022)

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2022 Year

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Version 2.0 Additional instruction:

  • This needs VPX 10.7.3 or later and for VR it is optimized for 10.8 #814. Lighting works a bit differently per revision
  • Scorbit uses 3 extra EXE files that should be but into VPX tables folder. Same place where you put the VPX file and BloodMachinesDMD-folder.
    • Notice that some of these EXE files may need to be unblocked
    • 2 of the EXE's are same than previous Scorbit tables, but this time they are just stored in tables folder.
    • 3rd one is QRView which is made to enable QR code to be seen in VPX table. VPX doesn't normally support loading of external image files.
      • Sources: https://github.com/iaakki/VPXQRView
  • By default it runs still with FlexDMD. You must enable PUP from script and also remember to use options batch files under pup folder.




Alright, let’s do this old school…


VPinWorkshop are proud to present our very first original table, “Blood Machines”, based on the movie from Seth Ickerman with music by Carpenter Brut.


After watching Blood Machines iaakki thought that it would make a great theme for a pinball table, so we started talking about it in VPW and decided that if we were going to do it as our first completely original VPW table, that we wanted to do it properly.
With this in mind we contacted Seth Ickerman to see if they would be interested in the project and to see if there was any chance they would be able to provide any assets that we could use. Thankfully Not only were they amazed at what we were doing, but they supplied us with 70gig of 3D models and textures which were used in the film!
The only issue now was that these were so high detail that a huge amount of work was needed to optimize them so they would even load in VPX, but thankfully Flupper came to the rescue and did a fantastic job optimising the models and textures so we could put them in the table without setting your PC on fire (for example the ship went down from 8 million polygons to 130,000!)


At the time of writing this the table was at revision 335 (release candidate 1.5) with *well* over 1000 man-hours sunken into it, the amount of work has been staggering but we hope that you’ll agree that it was worth it.
The table itself has loads of features that have never been seen before in other VPX tables and we have tried our best to keep most/all of it secret as we want everyone to experience it for themselves firsthand, which is why until very recently we’ve kept details very close to our chest.


In order to fully enjoy the table and play it as it was designed to be played, you will need to purchase the awesome soundtrack by Carpenter Brut (about £5/$5/5e) and place the MP3s in your vpinball music directory:
C:\Visual Pinball\Music\BLOOD MACHINES OST
We really hope people do support the artist and purchase it from;


VPW Blood Machines

  • Project Lead – iaakki
  • Table Layout Design – iaakki, Dapheni
  • Art Lead & 2D Graphics – Astronasty
  • 3D Objects & Textures – Tomate, Flupper, iaakki, Sixtoe, D.J.
  • Scripting & Coding – iaakki, Apophis, oqqsan, Wylte, Lumigado, fluffhead35
  • DMD – Oqqsan, eMBee, Astronasty, Lumigado.
  • Pupdmd - Frank H, HeartbeatMD
  • VR – Sixtoe, leojreimroc, iaakki
  • Table Rules – Apophis, iaakki, VPW Team.
  • Shot Tester – gtxjoe
  • Testing – Rik, PinStratsDan, VPW Team


Installation Instructions


VPX 10.7


VPVR 10.7.3



FlexDMD v1.8.0



Windows 11 Crashing with oPlayer1 error?
Go into windows11 apps>optional features>more windows features and check "media features"


Riks Cabinet WIP Video

PinStratsDan Desktop Video


Rawds VR video:


You can watch the film on Shudder, AMC’s streaming service;



Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • Scorbit support
    • works without PUP too
    • Use script option to enable
  • PUPpack from Frank H and HeartbeatDM
    • Use script option to enable the PUP, flex is still the default
    • See puppack folder for 6 different options for the setup
  • New SSF audios from Fleep
  • New visual effects and improvements
  • Updated physics
  • New VRRoom

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I am so glad I decided to download this one as it is now in my top 5 favorite tables.    The game plays amazing, looks amazing, and sounds amazing.  It even inspired me to watch a three-part movie I never heard of so I could be more familiar with the lore of the table.    The movie was a visual and creative masterpiece on its own.    


Well down guys.  You blew my mind.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I wasn't sure what to think about Blood Machines until version 2, to be honest. I love all that VPW does, and I went and watched the Shudder movie to better understand the modes of the table. I bought the soundtrack just to support the artist on principle and the filmmakers for being so generous to the community. However, it still somehow felt incomplete to me. 2.0, with the PuPPack, just changes all that. It's hard to believe that this isn't a commercial product with how complete and satisfying it is. Thank you, VPW, for this incredible piece of playable art.

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· Edited by fredo67


What a masterpiece !! I immediately bought the OST, everything is perfect !!
Thank you.

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Epic, now even better with pup. Must add to collection. This is state of the art VPX table.. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

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Outstanding original table!

This sets the bar for what all other originals should aspire to be.

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· Edited by pezima77


excellent table but impossible to play it, I don't understand why, it's the only vpx table that does this to me

When I start the game it blocks and after a few seconds it unlocks it's strange, then the missions are unplayable 30/45 fps, it's really very strange this phenomenon.



I just redid several tests to see what really happens and when it happens, when I launch a mission I can play at 60 fps but as soon as the mission is over, the table freezes then my fps goes down to 45 at 0, until I restart a mission then it starts the freeze table again, and I lose the ball.

I set my video parameters to a minimum, disabled my antivirus and disconnected my pin2dmd, tested without db2s but still the same

I don't see where it can come from honestly.


you can see my problem at 4 minutes 20 on the video


On my record I loose fps , it's normal , I have a little cpu pentium g4560 but if I don't record I have 45 fps or 60 fps when it works well

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Une pépite ! Une des plus belles table vpx, et de plus, faite de A à Z par vos soins c'est vraiment magnifique. Un très grand merci à vous !
Le puppack est également magnifique ❤️

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Loved the original, and this is even better.  Puppack and scorbit are great additions!  Thanks all!

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· Edited by EASportsBIG

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

OH...MY....! 🤯
With update 2.0, this is now just stupendously good. Physics are perfect, table design/layout is at professional standards, and then there's the visuals and lighting.... just jaw dropping.
VPW never ceases to amaze.


Thank you!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Not sure how I went this long without playing this amazing table but - wow, just blown away, mainly by the very original gameplay. Amazing job as always guys, thank you!

Link to review


What a great original table with amazing ambiance, effects, songs (buy the soundtrack!) and most of all, design. Can't get enough of this one, thank you VPW!

Link to review


one of my most played tables for a while now. really dig it and I also watched the movie because of this nice table. greta visuals, great sound, great SSF!

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One of the most played tables on my machine now that I have the music playing.  Can't get enough.

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I don’t normally play any original tables, but this one is different. Has a great flow and visually it’s gorgeous. Played a couple of times right after download to see if I was going to like it and immediately purchased the soundtrack. The music produces so much atmosphere and takes the gameplay to a whole other level. Haven’t had it for long but I know there’s going to be some serious hours logged here. Fantastic work.

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Is that the best you've got?


Fantastic table, great lighting and sound, gameplay is fast and silky smooth, need to be really sharp.  So many things going on, after half a dozens games still finding new modes.  Love the sparkles for the first few minutes of the game and then there's the blackouts and lower level play.  I kept wondering if there was a multiball and how that was gonna play, the answers are yes and fast!



Link to review


Thanks, after some weeks of playing: It‘s a clear and beautiful table with an amazing soundtrack and great lights/graphics! Love it!

Link to review


Absolutely amazing table. The amount of work that went into this is staggering. Thank you for this masterpiece!

Link to review


This table looks amazing!!! Even the 3D stereo looks so realistic and I believe is one of the best !!!

Definitely my favourite original ever.


Thanks for all your hard work.

Link to review


Only played for 20 minutes but I have to say I already see how creative it is! The sounds are incredible and the missions are unique. Thanks for the hard work!

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