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Guardians of The Galaxy 2.0.0

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About This File


Guardians of the Galaxy

By: Pincredibles


Special thanks: 
Arngrim, MPT3k, Mr H, Nailbuster, Rik, Harlan, Orbital Group, VAAS, wAxx, Ashtone6, Al, Terry
VPW Team, namely Apophis, PinStratsDan, BountyBob, Sixtoe, Wylte, Hauntfreaks and many more...



Intro:  This is my first table and I really want to thank everyone for all the help.  The table script was hand coded to match the 
    original table.  I tried to replicate every detail on the gameplay with exact scoring, bonuses, modes, pinup interactions and so forth
    I am sure there are things I missed in the 11K lines of code but I am hoping the hundreds of hours we put into the making of this
    will bring something the community will enjoy and show there are no limits to what can be done.

- Make sure your PINUP is up to date: https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=release_notes
- VPX Version: I tested in VPX 10.6 but works in 10.7.  Some users identified some stutter in 10.7 so try 10.6 if you see this.


1) Copy VPX to your VPX Tables directory
2) Copy GOTG_2020 insize the pup zip to your <drive>:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos directory  
3) Run the batch file in the pup pack that matches your config.
   It should make all necessary script changes for you.
4) Update DOF (If necessary)

PUP Pack location 



Version History:

2.0.0    Massive update to bring it up to where it should be.  Too many changes to list but here is a summary:
    -    Added missing sores, mode animations, displays and major bug fixes and core table capabilities


    - Fixed cherry bomb so you can do it again after finishing.  
    - Fixed hole where ball could bounce through to shooter lane 
    - Bug fix where DOF was getting left on. 
    - Added desktop backdrop that MrFireshots created 
    - Added pup script for desktop mode 
    - Incorporated wAxx changes for the following 
    -     Physics changes to give it a more realistic feel.  
    -     Updated slingshots  
    -     Added changes needed for Desktop mode 
    -     Moved Stern button on the actual lockbar 
    -     Updated missing details on playfield (magnet position, rocket strength, flipper position, missing 3d prims and rubbers, metal holding Orb, GI and many more..) 

    -    Fixed billboard/standup above scoop so it doesn’t look blurry (Also fixed blur on Groot) 
    -    Added small wall to prevent ball from getting stuck in left Outlane 
    -    Quills Quest didn’t give progress the first time you hit the scoop 
    -    DOF Enhancements - Thanks James D. 
    -    Music leveling - I didnt get it all in but thanks to Rajo for the help 
    -    Trimmed game over song to 30 seconds like original game 
    -    VR Support – Thanks Toby!!! 
    -        Locked all objects in editor so that they were not inadvertently moved. 
    -        Changed 12 primitives on layer 9 called "Post Plastic+Fluro(OnlyScrewCap)" to "PostFluroOSC(num)" as the original name was too long and was crashing the editor (thanks to DJRobX for compiling a version of VPX which let you edit out-of-range filenames). 
    -        Changed layers assets were on to free up layer 11 for VR stuff and to organise them for better visibility, dropped editor detail for some primitives. 
    -        Changed cabinet blade primitive and added new higher res blade image, added script switch to change back to old sideblades. 
    -        Added Stern Spike 2 cabinet and VR Room primitives to Layer 11, including importing images and materials. 
    -        Added "VRStuff" collection and put all of the VR objects in it. 
    -        Added VR Room switch to turn on or off the vr room primitives (Line 36) and the code to control (Lines 97-136) 
    -        Added lockdown bar "fire" button, switchable between Apron (cabinet/desktop) and lockdown bar (VR mode) (lines 97-136) 
    -        Added timer plunger code (Lines 1226-1229) so sync VR shooter rod with table plunger. 
    -        Added -15 height wall called "trigger" and assigned all playfield triggers to use it as a surface to drop them to the correct height. 
    -        Repositioned all flasher primitives to correctly sit on the plastics. 
    -        Replaced "Flasherlight" lights with secondary "FlasherFlash" flashers so they can be angled with the table slope, you shouldn't even notice. (5157 - 5375) 
    -        Made MetalPost(Point)4 (Layer 9) visible as it wasn't (hidden underneath right ramp), was a "floating" rubber. 
    -        Added deeper wood for all playfield holes. 
    -        Updated apron primitive including UVmap so that it looked OK in reverse angle. 
    -        Made apron wall visible, changed material and tidied up apron underneath. 
    -        Fixed plunger audio and positional sound. 
    -        Repositioned billboard and all assets on billboard aligned. 
    -        Changed depth bias settings for ramps, blades and flashers. 
    -        Changed Groot mouth wall (Wall017) to stop losing balls under plastics. 
    -        Change height of wall001 and wall005 ramp triggers to match ramp height, removed collidable status. 
    -        Repositioned ramp rubber bungs (Primitive2) 
    -        Added missing flathead screws to ramp entrances 
    -        Added missing mounting poles to left and right slings, added pole to right inlane guide, removed old redundant screwheads. 
    -        Adjusted spinner to stop it clipping through the plastics. 
    -        Added sleeves to hexpoles on playfield level, removed doubled up sleeves. 
    -        Cut GI so it doesn't stick out sides of cabinet 

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


2.0.0    Massive update to bring it up to where it should be.  Too many changes to list but here is a quick summary:
    -    Added missing sores, modes animations, displays and major bug fixes and core tables capabilities we expect out of any table.


2 Screenshots

User Feedback

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10 hours ago, sllerts said:

In the upper left corner of the DMD where the timer is, colored bars fill in as you advance the mode.  Gray bars indicate shots remaining.  When they're all filled in, you've completed the mode.

I see it now.  I've never completed a mode.....lol......sad.  But now I can see how poorly I'm not progressing

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Can anybody please tell me what the keyboard equivalent to the stern special button that will release the hadrons?

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28 minutes ago, gramps said:

Can anybody please tell me what the keyboard equivalent to the stern special button that will release the hadrons?


For me, I think it's either Page Up or Page Down. Whatever is listed as your Magna Save button in the keyboard controls.

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  • Content Provider

Does this still use the Ultra DMD folder from the last version? And if so does it need to be renamed GOTG_2020.ultradmd?

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10 minutes ago, topper2k said:

Does this still use the Ultra DMD folder from the last version? And if so does it need to be renamed GOTG_2020.ultradmd?

Most of the info you're looking for is either in the details tab or in this topic

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On 8/28/2022 at 3:02 PM, TeteDampoule said:


I also had issues with my SSF setup. I actually didn't hear SSF table sounds because backglass sound are much louder on my setup. Usually backglass sound can be lowered through rom service menu or vpinmame F12 shortcut. Here you can't do that (or i dont know how)


Here is what i did (this takes 5min):

1/ select and extract all backglass sounds in vpx sound manager

2/ reduce sound level of all extracted files using http://www.softsea.com/download/WaveGain-frontend.html

3/ reimport all files and dont forget to set them in backglass again, default is table

i personnally added an extra -6dB

i also reduced a bit video level and music level in the script. This is now perfect

This table is great!!! Has anyone had a problem with sounds disappearing during game play and the full dmd reverting back to the high score loop? On my cabinet after playing a ball or two I lose the full dmd and just get table sounds after playing a ball or two.

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1. I continue to search the bug who close the puppack every 10 minutes ( i have changed my backglass and now it's correct... to be continued)

2. So it's possible to select mission with plunger? (edit: ok ligne 2098 😜)


3. Possible to change the magnasave tilt because now if i push Magna save 4 times every 20 sec for exemple I tilt ... the tilt exist for more successive impulsion and not after 4 times in game!



Edited by zack06007
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Great update.     Love this table.    Team, thanks for all the hard work and sharing your table with all of us.     Wow!!

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On 8/24/2022 at 4:00 AM, daphishbowl said:

there is a bug. it will be fixed in patch soon


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Great table now with 2.0 version. I will play a lot. Amazing work, either pup pack and table

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Great Table thank you but i cant get the pup options to work. I have 2 screens/desktop mode. No matter which of the options in pup folder i choose i dont get the pup windows on 2nd screen.

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Hi, Thank you for this fantastic table, it's the pup I'm in need of help with, I've tried everything but the character select is stuck in the desktop mode. On my back glass its displayed  in the top left corner, I've tried amending the scipt and the deleting all the pup options in the folder apart of options 1 files but I can't get the character select to move to the DMD screen, very strange any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you and keep up the good work.👍😀

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Hey! This table is jawdropping, i have to say. But i have a problem, and sorry if its a noob question. The table itself works fine, but the DMD is not visible at all, looks like its not even opening, since i checked it when i Alt-Tabbed. (It's a simple one monitor desktop setup, nothing fancy)
I have tried other VPX tables, and so far it seems if it has a classic Dotmatrix display it will work fine, but if the DMD uses actual video files, it won't work. I have tried looking for answers in this forum and others, but so far its eluded me, maybe because i just discovered Visual Pinball a few days ago, so im not a veteran.


Edit.: Okay, i figured it out, but i leave my comment here for other noobs. 
I realized that the big zip files (which are usually bigger than the VPX itself) need to be extracted to the proper folder in PINUpsystem\PUPVideos.

Scores/points still not displayed on them however, but i will figure that one out.

Edited by absurdshark
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Anyone else finding the audio of the videos that play are quiet, but the table sounds are nice and loud? Am I missing a setting somewhere?

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