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Altsound – Fish Tales (Williams 1992) Reorchestrated

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About This File

Altsound - Fish Tales (Williams 1992) Reorchestrated

This is an Altsound conversion of the Fish Tales Reorchestrated Pinsound mix by itksgr

It's designed to sound like the original table, but with modern high quality audio.


Altsound Conversion by iDigStuff

PinSound Reorchestration by Stefan Granberg

Thanks to Apophis and Kapterb for testing.


Special thanks from the author:

Glenn Chatfield for providing the main voices

Mystman12 for voice variations.

Nicolas for adding voices on stretch the truth

If you like what you hear, feel free to donate to the original author



What's New in Version 1.5.0


Altsound - Fish Tales (Reorchestrated) 1.5.0


Updating some of my early altsounds to a new standard

1.5.0  -Each audio file has been normalized to -10LUFS-I

            LUFS is a perceived loudness measurement. This will help

            users who don't have an external method for amplification.

           -New .CSV mix

          - Bug Fixes (Fixed multi ball callout)


Please let me know if you find issues. Sometimes these altsounds have

500+ sounds that trigger. That's a lot to keep track of. Getting feedback

from the community helps me find and fix.


I recommend backing up your original altsound by changing the name of the folder, then audition

this version to see if you prefer it. Once decided just keep the version that works best for you.

If using Pinvol make sure to turn it down before testing the new version.


    -Altsounds are best enjoyed with external volume control ie: PinVol, Desktop Speakers
    -Rom volume can effect the altsound volume to some degree
    -You can control the volume of each individual sound in the .csv file included in the altsound folder.
    -"Maxing Out" all the gain levels in the csv can have a negative effect on overall volume.
Please comment to let me know if this is an improvement on your system


Tutorial https://youtu.be/R78ROuRUTHU

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