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Aerosmith (Pro) (Stern/Tribute 2017) V1.00a.zip

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aerosmith ROM Name
allknowing2012 Created by
allknowing/EBIsLit Artwork by
allknowing Scripting by
Original Manufacturer
2017 Year

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Aerosmith Pro 2017 (Stern/Tribute)
V 1.0 
By: Allknowing2012

Thanks to the folks of GOTG for providing a framework for the code.

Here is the much delayed release of my Aerosmith recreation. It includes much
of the rules that are out there but being a recreation it will NOT be an exact 
replication like a rom based game. 
1) Copy vpx to your tables directory
2) Install the "aerosmith" pup-pack (located elsewhere) in to your PinUpSystem\PupVideos directory.
3) Run the batch file in the pup pack folder to match your hardware (Desktop, 2 screen etc)
4) Optionally run PinupPackEditor.exe to configure/reconfigure your screen layout (for ALL your pups)

This table uses the Apron/FULLDMD of PUP - be sure you have this display configured with 
your  PinUpPackEditor program!

5) Optionally disable/enable Scorbit High Score tracking. See Scorbit.io for details. (Line 127)

There are options to use FlexDMD, Pup or neither. PUP use is highly advisable. (Line 131)

PuP Pack Location

(Very minimal Flex implementation)
You WILL need to upload the music portion of the pup-pack
Copy the Music folder into your existing <drive>:\Visual Pinball\Tables\Music
(Note don't create Music\Music\Aerosmith - you want Music\Aerosmith

Any graphical improvements are encouraged and welcomed!



Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


**Please update to 1.01.**

This contains a critical fix to the Scorbit calling code.



 - changed the COMMENTED OUT code for the nudge buttons to use the VPM keycodes (for those looking for nudge Keys) 

   if you want key nudge look for this .. line 5711

    'If keycode = LeftTiltKey Then Nudge 90, 6:SoundNudgeLeft():CheckTilt
    'If keycode = RightTiltKey Then Nudge 270,6:SoundNudgeRight():CheckTilt
 - remove docallouts - notused
 - Namestr undefined bug (Scorbit)
 - flexdmd option now has backglass  (Still need to check - no music after 1st ball)
 - Bug Scorbit sending updates when not paired
 - ball eject from kicker bug (A result of adding the Final Tour code 😞 )
 - ScorBit is now OFF by default Line 135. Turn it on .. then in the attract mode scan the QR code.

 - graphic and POV updates provided by Hauntfreaks. Thanks!

Folks have commented that the PupPack needs an update - suggest one does that rather then redownload. 

See comments about changing Callouts Screen to ForcePopBack rather than OFF.

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Hi, nice work ;)

your options in the pup are not up to date :

I put this for the option 1 in the screen.pup :



Your script is amazing 



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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

I'm very happy for this release! I'm been waiting for it for a long time!

I would like to make a constructive and not-critical review.

All seems to be  very near to perfection but the table seems a bit incomplete such as the lacking of the major part of callouts (i ve modified correctly it in the puppack editor).

Also...in my case the table is a "outlanes ball drain Machine" , maybe dued to the physics? i dont know for sure but i only suppose.

The puppack integration need a bit optimization , for example when the ball goes in the "change song" hole  and it eject the ball without give the time to select the song.

The rest is very very Amazing and i hope that the table will receive updates to reach the Perfection!

Good Work Guys!

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I am coming back just to say thank you allknowing2012 for sharing this table.  I have been watching your work on this over the years and you did not disappoint.  Thank you very much.  This has quickly become one of my favorite tables over the last week and I am looking forward to any updates you may make to it in the coming years.  Thanks again!

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Excellent table!  One issue I cant get DOF working on this even after updating DOF Config? Any ideas?

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Wow, was für ein toller Tisch und ein Welpenpaket, so wunderbar, danke, jetzt brauchen wir nur noch den Dof für diesen Tisch, dann ist es perfekt ...

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Bonjour, je ne comprend pas je n ai aucun toy qui fonctionne,maj du DOF mais toujours rien,si vous avez une solution. Merci

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· Edited by Pjsmith35


A very fun table. The work you put into this is amazing. Thank you!

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Incredible work!
You have taken feedback from the community and have been firing out updates the last few days, which has led to this beauty. Thank you.

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This table is "Kings & Queens" above the rest of the music tables now! A good table made GREAT.  The video and playfield enhancements make this a 10! Amazing job, really showing everyone how to "Walk this Way"! 

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Excellent table !

Great job and thanks for sharing


Response from the author:

The co-ordinates? is that the update? Noted and changed on my source.

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Holy Happiness Batman!  What an amazing surprise. Looks and sounds great!  And worked straight away with the PUP!  Love the comic art theme and animations.  Thank you to the rock and vpin gods!  Cheers!

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