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Blade Runner 2049 2.0 (2021)(VR ROOM )

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wpilot Created by
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wpilot/ FlexDMD Fixes by Rajo Joey Scripting by
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2021 Year

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I want to share a VR Room Conversion of Blade Runner 2049 with you today. I converted this table for VR because it is a Beauty from "wpilot" and should not be missing in any VR collection.  I hope someone has as much fun with it and like it as I do, so I'm going to share it with you guys now. I had to adjust a few little things, prettify and hide them, but the table works quite well now in VR.



There are two Versions for Download, one with the original Apron DMD (Old) and the NEW Version (FlexV2) with a Flex DMD.

Thanks to my Friend Rajo Joey we got rid of the flex problem and it should work now like intended, furthermore you can now change the backglass with the right magnasave button.



'********************* VR OPTIONS **************************************************

'VR Backglass - Set VRBackglass = (1)-(2)-(3) to turn on different VR Backglasses. 
VRBackglass = 1

'VR Logo - Set VRLogo = 0 to turn off VR Logo. 
VRLogo = 1

'VR Poster-Right - Set VRPosterR = 0 to turn off VR Poster-Right. 
VRPosterR = 1

'VR Poster-Left - Set VRPosterL = 0 to turn off VR Poster-Left. 
VRPosterL = 1


Permission to MOD?: Yes, without approval


A big thanks to wpilot for creating such a beautyfull table and Rajo Joey for the LUT Template and more importantly the elimination of the annoying Flex DMD error and the possibility to change the backglass via Magnasave button and some other fixes.

I also want to thank Rawd for his VR toys and Sixtoe for his great templates and of course Studlygoorite and Solters for beta testing .

And not to forget JP Salas for making the Original 'Pokemon Pinball' Table.


Link to the original Blade Runner Table:


jpsalas (Designer of original Pokemon Pinball)

What's New in Version FlexV2   See changelog


-DMD Fixes (now it works without problems)

-right Magnasave to switch between the Backglasses (You dont need to change the script for Backglass switch anymore)

-delete a double Sub (GiOn und GiOff)

-insert two calls for Sub "StartAdvert" (delete 649-661 and activated from 609)

-Desktopmodus (2D) Blades Fixes



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Thanks for this wonderfull VR room of this great table, very good job !

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