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Flash Gordon (Bally 1981) 2.0.0

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"Pathetic Earthlings... Who can save you now?"


Bally creates the most incredible game in the Universe ... FLASH GORDON!


This is the first split-level game from Bally and the first to use the "Squawk & Talk" board, and the second production Bally game with speech (Xenon 1980 was the first).


Version 2.0:


This update includes:

Scanned playfield and plastics

Bord blender render

Blacksad backglass art

The latest physics: nfozzy physics, flipper tricks, rubber dampener, rubberizer, drop targets, and stand-up

Fleep sound package

VPW insert lighting

VPW dynamic ball shadows (with performance fix that should allow use in VR)

VR Room



Physics, sound, scripting and VR: rothbauerw

Blender: Bord

Backglass: Blacksad

The VPW team for support and testing

5 Screenshots


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Masterpiece from true masters in this community. I was quite content with previous, has been played on a regular basis here in our drunken tournaments. Have a few surprises for me friend the next time, this one probably featured with Pharao, which will be all new to him. Not played Batman BK much either, so, that is another one. Will be a fun weekend for sure.


Thank you Roth / Bord and VPW team w/friends for always pushing the limits further.

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What a beauty! Looking forward to spending time with this tonight. Thanks to everyone who contributed and thank you for sharing!

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Guys what a beautiful masterpiece again! This will be an all time legendary classic from you again... Thank you so much!

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Sweeeeeeet Jes@s!! I truly am thinking that I'm looking at and playing  a real table. What....a....bizarre....stunning...table!!!! All involved, you guys are rocking hard! Hats of for you all. Thanks so much for this absolute classic. Cheers!!!!!!!

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Most competitive players will tell you that this is the table to cut your teeth on... once you can play this one well, most other tables suddenly feel a LOT easier! The VPX version really needed to be perfect, and now it is. 😁 Thanks SO much for this! Outstanding.

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1 hour ago, domloveslobby said:

Awesome Update @rothbauerw


The Lighting and detail is amazing.

Works well with my pup pack.

I had to edit the script to get the ball drain to work.


The Link is here if yourself or anyone else wants to get the pup pack fully working with this.

Just replace the script with this :)



heh heh :) I didn't even realize the ball lost pup wasn't triggering but sump'n didn't feel right. Thanks for the script fix @domloveslobby!

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Thank you very much, the table is very fun and the details are amazing, the transparencies on the playfield and the mirroring details on the metal walls are incredible, the bumpers are spectacular.... I'm playing it with VPX 10.7.2-281 (I know... it's still beta) and when editing cabmode=1 it gave me an unknown error, but I was able to play it fine and hide the siderails. Thank you very much for this beauty!!!

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1 hour ago, magicpolo said:

Hi @Cliffy


This goes in the scripts folder? Where do I get the puppack?  Thank you everyone for this great table.



@domloveslobby flash gordon pup-pack is here on VPU


The txt file replaces the script (done in the editor. Dom didn't change rothbauerw's script but added a section to help the pup pack work properly

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This might be the best implementation of flipper tricks yet. Plays amazingly lifelike.


You know what this table needs? Magna saves! That's right, these outlanes are brutal. Thanks to UnclePaulie's latest releases I'm so used to hitting magna saves that I'm instinctively reaching for them here, lol.

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In the late 70s and early 80s some family friends owned an arcade. Most of my pin play was on Flash Gordon and Mata Hari.  I am always excited to see a Flash Gordon release, and this one is fantastic.  Thanks to all involved.

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