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Batman [The Dark Knight] (Stern 2008) bord mod 1.0.7

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About This File

Stern's 2008 Batman is a fun game that draws its strength from the quality of the game rules. Not exactly the golden age of Stern art direction, the layout would be revisited and refined years later for the truly classic Batman '66.


This mod features rendered textures & lighting, the requisite nfozzy/roth physics, fleep sounds, etc, etc.


Built on the tt/ninuzzu release with further contributions as follows:

  • Physics/Sounds/Rendered textures by bord
  • playfield and insert cleanup, script fixes by apophis
  • flashers fixed, VR added by sixtoe
  • lampz implemented by iakki
  • script fixes by wylte
  • playtested by many - the vpinball crew initially, later the VPW crew especially RIK and pinstratsdan

What's New in Version 1.0.7   See changelog


'1.01 bord - added safety wall beneath playfield mesh, knocked back bloom settings
'1.02 Retro27 - Reworked VR Cabinet, Hooked up lights on Start button and Tournament Mode button,
'1.03 apophis - Used InRect do check if gBOT ball is under batmobile ramp. Updated AudioFade and AudioPan functions. Adjusted flipper trigger near cradle position.
'1.04 Retro27 - Added option for the Batman Model, and tweaks to the VR Cabinet
'1.05 bord - slight cleanup, batmobile ramp geometry adjust
'1.06 Wylte - Upper pf switch animation fix, Joker drop sw45 hit changed from DTHit 25 to 45
'1.07 bord - additional batmobile ramp geometry fixes


If you couldn't make sense out of a 1:1 POV I don't think this update is going to please you. 😉

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

It's Bord. What else do you need to know. 

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

superbe rendu cela promet un plaisir de jeu certain pour les joueurs vpx , merci infiniment pour le travail les amis . 


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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Love  a Bord table, always amazing.  Thanks.

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Bord? More like exciting! This is a jackpot of beauty and gameplay. Thank you sir!

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Unbeleivably realistic! Thank you soo much for bringing this game that much of a level higher! Thank you!

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Looks great and play is smooth. I really like it. Also, I like that the table default was 1x1 for the x,y by default.

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Skitso said it was coming and here it is in all of it's glory. Both versions the VPX and the VR look, play and feel great!!  Thanks 

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Beautiful !

it feels like i'm in front of the real thing

thank you Bord

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What a great package: the light, the physics, the gameplay, all well done!

Thank you, Bord and team!


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Great job as usual with this one! I absolutely love how you apply lighting to your builds to go along with all the other awesome improvements.

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L'une de mes table préféré à la base ! excellent MOD bravo à vous :) 

et merci pour le partage 

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Oh yes! I know what I am doing the rest of the weekend!!! Thank you Sir!

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Why so Serious!?!!   


I mean for real this is seriously cool!  Thanks for this.

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