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Nudgy (Bally 1947) 1.05

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About This File

Welcome to the future of pinball!  Nudgy is a pinball machine from 1947 that has no flippers but rather uses a handle on the side of the machine to move the entire playfield forwards and backwards to "nudge" the ball off of the posts, bumpers and rubbers.  This table got it's start years ago when my brother and I stumbled upon it at the Chicago Pinball Expo.  It was such a novel approach to pinball that I kept it in the back of my mind as a possible vpx project.


The table was made as an experiment to see if this could be done in vpx.  I have no access to a schematic or other information about the table so the rule set is a "best guess" as to how the table should play.   The inability to move the x/y location of the "physical" aspects of objects in vpx was very hard to overcome.  You can move the graphical aspect but not the physical so multiple objects that get turned on/off in terms of collision and visible properties to "sort of" make this happen.  This is suboptimal but is the best that I could do so this table is more of a novelty than anything else.


Nudgy is probably the only wood rail machine ever made for VR so that is another first. It also features one of the most pretty vpx objects that I've ever come across.  Check out Bord's shiny fire engine red ball lift cover, it is really beautiful!


If you're in VR check out the ball lift slider and the handle on the side of the machine, I think that they are pretty cool.  Please don't put multiple balls into play at one time because the saucers may not be able to handle that.  I've uploaded a cab to the VR Launcher site so that should be available but it will be a metal legged machine in your machine stack.


Nudgy is a hybrid Desktop, Cab and VR all in one table that is made for vpx 10.6.  The table is set as desktop/cab and to play in VR just edit the top section of the script.  To alter the table's settings please hold the left flipper button between games to enter the game options menu.  To change the LUT for the table hold the magnasave button between games.  A separate wheel for use on cabs will be available also for download.


This version includes:

- VR mode with selectable room/minimal views in game using the left flipper options menu between games

-Improved Bord blender renders

-Onevox's LUTs for on the fly contrast and brightness control

-New three dimensional sound routines from Whirlwind

-New save file system that has an easy to read text file and is game version specific to prevent problems when upgrading

-New scoring logic that blocks scores that occur too fast for an EM pin mech (again from Whirlwind)


Thanks to @Onevox for his excellent playfield redraw and @Bord as always for the excellent blender work.  Also thanks to the VR Discord group for their help in getting me going in VR.

What's New in Version 1.05   See changelog


Same table version but fixed an issue with the B2S that was preventing scores from being registered

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