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Mini Golf (Williams 1964) WIP 1.0

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Ok, so here’s the back story. I stumbled upon a picture of a Williams’ “Mini Golf” table and was intrigued. (I forget exactly how/why I saw it now. I might’ve been browsing IPDB for sports-themed pinball tables and then searching VPU/VPF to see if cool ones I didn’t have were already in VPX). It seemed like a simple enough table, so I had a go at recreating it. Well, since I started, I’ve gotten too busy to work on it. And I was always going to have trouble tracking down a decent 3D model for the golfer (I barely had enough Blender skills to make the flagpoles). So, it was always either going to be a released WIP or a purely personal project. I decided to share it with the hope that someone might be able to take it over the finish line.


Update: With JPO’s help, there is now a working backglass (separate download – it should be linked in the sidebar). Still hoping someone will eventually make a 3D model of the golfer. But I still think it’s a pretty fun table regardless. The table is still open for modifications. I do still ask though, that any released changes are significant. I redrew the playfield, made the very basic flag primitives, and coded the game’s logic, so I expect someone to make a lot of improvements before releasing it as a new version. If you have small code improvements (or can make the 3D model of the golfer) - feel free to message me. I’m always happy to update one of my tables with help from others.


What’s left to do:

-        Needs a golfer. There’s currently an invisible primitive in its place. The golfer should also pivot at the waist to actually strike the ball, but I obviously didn’t get that far

-        There might be other, smaller details worth improving. For instance, the lighting is pretty basic, but it’s also good enough for me.



Some notes about controls and such:

5 – Insert Credit

1 – Start Game

Left Flipper – Hold down to rotate shooter left

Right Flipper – Hold down to rotate shooter right

Left Magna Save – Hard tee off

Right Magna Save – Soft tee off

Plunger – Whatever tee off was done last (I originally had the magna select the type and plunger shoot, but I’ve now decided that using the magna saves to shoot is a better idea)

*There’s a line in the script near the top for the 2 player modes (currently line 39):

“TwoPlayersAlternate = True” lets the players alternate holes (Player 1 shoots Hole 1, Player 2 shoots Hole 1, Player 1 shoots Hole 2, etc.)

“TwoPlayersAlternate = False” has Player 1 play all 9 holes (or shoot 27 balls) before Player 2 does the same.

The score card reads like either is possible, so I made sure both were possible in the code. I have no idea if both modes are actually possible on the real machine or not.


Included in the download:

-        The table (duh)

-        I’ve also included reference images of the golfer I’ve collected, in case that inspired someone to create the model. Also, important to note that he rotates at the hips to hit the ball


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