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Request For Rocky And Bullwinkle Directb2S

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A new Rocky and Bullwinkle FS was released and its quite fun, but would be even more fun with a directb2s backglass!

This backglass has mechanical action where rocky pulls characters out of his hat.


This is the mechanism:



and the characters












page 32 has the flashers.


Anyone want to work on it?



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B)  Already been workin on it..will be a few days  B)

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This would be an awesome Xmas present - I used to have R&B and loved playing it with my kids. My youngest sone keeps asking me when someone is doing a cab version of this table and I was able to tell him that some nice person over at the other forums did a VP8 conversion a few weeks ago.


It will be great to have an active backglass and to see Bullwinkle pulling things out of his hat.........


Top work gents.

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