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Coin Door Switch Like A Real Cabinet

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Hi guys,


   I found a way to run the END key exactly how the switch of a pinball cab, ie it remains ON until it is pressed and goes OFF when released (at this time it becomes ON when pressed and returns to OFF at the next pressure).


May be an idea to put it in the official version of VPM (maybe mapped in another key as suggested by Arngrim)?


To activate this you need to edit these lines

wpc\alvg.h(35): COREPORT_BITTOG(  0x0400, "Ticket",              KEYCODE_END)
wpc\bowlgames.c(479): COREPORT_BITTOG(  0x0100, "Coin Door",      KEYCODE_END)
wpc\gts3.h(69): COREPORT_BITTOG(  0x0040, "Coin Door",        KEYCODE_END)
wpc\taito.h(16): COREPORT_BITTOG(  0x0020, "Coin Door",        KEYCODE_END) 
wpc\vd.c(141): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x8000, DEF_STR(Unknown),KEYCODE_END)
wpc\wpc.h(20): COREPORT_BITTOG(  0x0100, "Coin Door",      KEYCODE_END) 
wpc\zacproto.c(177): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door",     KEYCODE_END) 
wpc\zacproto.c(278): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door",     KEYCODE_END) 
wpc\zacproto.c(381): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door",     KEYCODE_END) 



If you want to try this patch easily here you can find the latest build recompiled.


What do you think about this?


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I bought an interlock switch for my pincab to do this very thing. Although I thought there was a setting already for it.

So not fully understanding what you've done here...Is this a dll that I can add to effect all tables or is this code something that needs added to each tables script?



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I thought I attached the picture, but I guess it didn't work. 


I used the idea that you shared about the microswitch here:

Works perfectly for me.  I agree with others comments that it "could" be misinterpreted as open when closed and visa versa,  but I think that will be rare.  It has been working perfectly for me.  :)

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