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Stern Knocker Rom Tip/fix

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Some people complained that the knocker on my configs for the Stern were knocking too much.


Especially when you put credits, so on some tables i totally disabled the knocker to not disturb.


But Boogies2 just showed how to fix that, you can have the knocker only when you earn a credit :)


For SAM tables 


In the service menu (press 0, 8 and 9 to navigate, 7 to exit)


Standard Adjustment - Option 55 [Q24 OPTION] - Change this option for Knocker


And for the Stern Whitestar,


the option is often on option 46 from the same menu, to enter service menu it is 7


I updated all my Stern tables like this, except these ones, the option is not available


Austin Powers

High Roller Casino


Roller Coaster Tycoon



I also reviewed configtool and all Stern have the right solenoid for the knocker, Q24 = S24, optional coil


So you can still use S8 for other purposes for Pirates Boogies ;)

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finally got around to doing this. does work but not saving after exit. any ideas?


EDIT: got it sorted. if you dont "exit" out of menu without selecting "quit" it don't save. 


EDIT2: some save. some do not.. weird 

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When it occured I would also notice that rolling sounds stops working as that depends on ball ID also


Innnteresting. I had the Object Required: 0 error last night when there happened to be zero balls on the playfield at a particular moment during multiball.


Now today I noticed that every now-and-then on Tron I can hear ball rolling sounds continue to be produced for a bit after draining-out during a multiball mode.


Definitely seems like a ball ID issue now.

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Some hints for Austin powers table?

I had problem with ripley's BION and this thread save my game experience!

But I have same problem with Austin powers and I think there are no solution for knocker when I add coins...

Am I wrong?

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Some tables haven't the option 56 to set knocker in q24 position. There are more tables with this issue more than Austin powers (all stern). The 2 alternative for this issue are:

- set rom for free play so you have not to insert coin and you have knocker working for replays

- set knocker off (in dof configtool for relative stern tables haven't this option in rom features). With this option knocker will never work... When you insert coins but when you win a replay too

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I set mine to free play for now. Its weird, on some of my games, I noticed when I get a high enough score for a Replay, knocker doesn't go off, only the fake sound. This also happens at the end of the game for the match replay. 

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