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Cabinet Build 46,32,17 Widebody

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Well, thought I'd start the official build thread for my to be cabinet.


So far I've just collected information but today I tested out the computer hardware.



Asrock P55 Extreme motherboard

Intel i5-760 2,8 GHz CPU cooled by Noctua NH-U12

4GB DDR3 1600 MHz memory

Vertex 2 128GB SSD Hard-drive

Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card


So I put some screens up to test the rig out. The only screen that actually will be in the build is the middle 17".




It ran smooth like silk. Tested a few tables and not a stutter in sight and all the graphic looked right (as you might have read in another thread, it will not on a Radeon HD 4870).


Well, I'm building together with a few other people (to make a few bucks on shared shipping and such) so now the build will wait a month for the next salary to come in so we all can buy the big screens. It's about $752 for the superslim 46" (http://www.swedx.se/product_info.php?products_id=575&language=en) and about $285 for the 32" (No link as we've not yet decided witch one to have). Then it will really start up with some woodwork and such.


Until then... see a in the forums where I will continue to ask noob questions and such ;)


Ps, I'm from Sweden (The land of the never setting sun and ABBA :) )

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