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Hyperpin And New Virtuapin Plunger

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So I narrowed down most of my minor issues now that I have a virtuapin encoder/plunger and no longer using a keyboard and I'm left with one PITA issue.

In Hyperpin I can not exit a VP or FP table with the virtuapin encoder that I just got. I've been using a keyboard for the last 2 months testing and 'E' (long and short) works every time (and still does) but Button 8 - Exit table on the controller does not. I ran joy.cpl and tested the button so it's not a hardware issue but software related. Any ideas?


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Oh so close now.......


I changed the up/down/enter keys to the below highlighted and now I can navigate in the exit menu.


exitScriptKey=q & s


I put Joy8 for exitkey and exitemulatorkey and that pulls up the exit menu, but the only issue now is it also pulls the VP exit menu. So at this point I have the ability to exit but not pause. The VP exit key is set to the default 'Q'.



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