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Desktop Shangri-La (Williams)(1967)(Bodydump)(1.0)(Dt)(9.16)

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File Name: Shangri-La (Williams)(1967)(Bodydump)(1.0)(DT)(9.16)

File Submitter: bodydump

File Submitted: 05 Jun 2013

File Category: Recreations

Permission to Mod: Yes
VP Version: v9.14

Williams Shangri-La EM from 1967

Special Thanks to:
Leon Spalding for his VP8 version from which I borrowed some scoring/gameplay code
Itchigo for his 4 player EM template which I used extensively
UncleWilly for his starter table and all his other tables which I have pulled apart and learned/borrowed from
JP Salas and Pinuck whose tables I studied extensively to learn how to build and borrowed from
Eala for his parts table which was very useful
JimmyFingers for the sounds/sound routines and for his constant support
TheWool for his awesome physics tweaks that make the game play like it should
Bent98 for the LEDWiz code and for moral support
Dick Kanold for providing me with the real Shangri-La that's in a million pieces in my garage waiting to be rebuilt

Best used with VP 9.16
Will work in version 9.15 but primitive flippers may cause graphics corruptions

Click here to download this file

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This is awesome work!

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I'm using 9.16, but I'm getting "this file is corrupt and cannot be loaded". I got it to work one time, but that was it.

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