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Desktop Future Foosball(2006)(Rascal)(1.0.1)(Dt)

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Future Foosball Screenshot.jpg

File Name: Future Foosball(2006)(Rascal)(1.0.1)(DT)

File Submitter: Rascal

File Submitted: 02 Jun 2013

File Category: Original Creations

Permission to Mod: Yes
VP Version: v9.14

Table Top Soccer without the rods

It’s a crazy foosball game without the rods. Automatic row switching and the players move forwards and backwards rather than spin. It has a built in artificial intelligence for playing against the computer, or you can play against another player.

Press R when the game starts for rules and controls.

Click here to download this file

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crazy shit@!


looks like fun,   i usually dont do desktop, but decided to try it on my laptop:  intel 1.3 ghz core2duo, intel graphics.   I had to switch to 800x600 to get any sort of playable framerate (14 fps),  on 1366x768 i had 4 fps.... lol



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That's pretty cool Rascal.


Can you make one of those bubble dome Ice Hockey tables next? ;)

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