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Rom Naming

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Is there a list of the rom names for the sam games.

I have most of the older ones but im thinking of grabbing all the updates from the stern site but am not sure of the namings used in the pinmame compile

Or can you see the rom naming in pinmames test mode

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Sure, check the sam.c file.

In the lines SAM_ROMLOAD, the firstname is the ZIP filename and the second name is the .BIN inside the zip.

You have to rename the roms/bins in order to get them to work.


SAM_ROMLOAD(xmen_105, "xmen_105.bin", CRC(e585d64b) SHA1(6126b29c9355398bac427e1b214e58e8e407bec4), 0x01FB850C)

xmen_105 is the zip

xmen_105.bin is the bin filename in the zip

Of course many of the Stern roms have several versions which also work fine too. The latest build works with all games including avengers (avg_140) except csi and ij4.

If there is a PRO and LE model, the LE model usually ends with an "h"

For AC/DC for example:

acd_165.zip PRO

acd_165h.zip LE

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