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[New B2S Alert] Twister( Sega 1996)

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It is not authentic but i don't really care if it is or not.


however, the hurricane never stops, and i have to admit it is disturbing me a little bit.


i have never work with uvp or b2s or db2s, but you link any switches, sol or lamps to bg lights like we map ledwiz configuration i assume.


I am wondering if you link for example, s5 spin disc solenoid to the hurricane if it has a better and less present effect, if possible?

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Okay, it  is better with the flashing timed now. I liked the first version but it did get a little old with the constant blinking.  This def. is how the original backglass should have looked. It adds a little life to the backglass without being just over the top unauthentic.  I never understood why they put so much work into the tables and then left the main attractor to the game boring and lifeless.  Great job Wildman!

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