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RE: WIP 10


Is there a way to increase the size of the flyer. I'd like to make it almost full screen as I'm having trouble reading the text on some.



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Not from what I am seeing. I have about 3 inches on each side with a ton of vertical space. Looking at the script I think I see if the original size is equal or greater than .8 of the screen size draw it at .8 and keep the ratio. 


I'm guessing that the xCoo and yCoo is positioning maybe.... if so I don't get it. 


OriginalWidth := Gdip_GetImageWidth(pBitmap)
OriginalHeight := Gdip_GetImageHeight(pBitmap)
Ratio := OriginalWidth/OriginalHeight
; we want flyer to be as big as possible
if (OriginalWidth/(A_ScreenWidth*0.8) >= OriginalHeight/(A_ScreenHeight*0.96)) {
Width := A_ScreenWidth*0.8
Height := Width*(1/Ratio)
} else {
Height := A_ScreenHeight*0.96
Width := Height*Ratio
xCoo := (A_ScreenWidth*0.85-Width)//2
yCoo := (A_ScreenHeight-Height)//2
Gui, 1: Show,, Flyer
DrawImageBTB(1, pBitmap, OriginalWidth, OriginalHeight, Width, Height, xCoo, yCoo, 0)


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it is 96% of the screen width, or 80% of screen height (so that blue text is visible)


maybe you are looking at flyer from hyperpin? That one is small but it's not controlled from fplaunch

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Ah, that's exactly it. I find it a bit buggy looking at those things from within the exit menu so I tend to peruse from HP


That also explains why all the random numbers I put in the script to change it did nothing LOL. 


I guess it would considerably more complicated to increase the size of that one then. 

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