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Big Bang Bowler - United Chief Shuffle Alley/vp Hybrid Project

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Assuming we can find an easy way to duplicate whole pin and your supplying the original to use as a template then your set cost would be minimal, material cost and shipping. What the material cost would be is unknown until I determine the best way to do it, needless to say it won't be much.

Wow man! That is a hell of an offer! Especially since I am tapped at the moment. I had to raid my pinball machines today of the last 5 bucks in quarters, so I could go get a fuse block and some fuses! lol

I imagine the materials can't be much at all.

Keep in mind though... for the moment, I am out of cash. Even 50 bucks is a stretch for another couple weeks at least.

Where are you located and how would we proceed from here?

I am super protective of the one whole pin I have...  How about I send you one of the broken pins first. Once you have it, you can get a good idea of what it will take to do it, and better asses the critical attachment points. Everything critical to the pin operation is still unbroken; just the body has been broken away, and it is just a hollow pin shape.

Once you are 100% confident, the unbroken one is just another mail drop away.


Not sure if it is of any value to you but, I work at a graphics shop and am the lead guy there. Need anything? I do signs, banners, t-shits, vehicle graphics, decals, headstones, business cards... yadda yadda yadda 


One more thought... 

If you can produce these in quantity, I am damn certain there is at least a small market for them and they will go like hotcakes on ebay. Plus I know two or three guys on the east coast that would be VERY interested in some of them.

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The bell is ringing!

That means the concept is proven and final connections can be made.

I will get more fuse blocks, fuses, diodes and a couple terminal strips this week and finish all the wiring except for the door buttons.



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Looks like no need for vacuum forming then, Kinko's should be able to print some of those babies up!


Seriously, nice find and restore!  Waiting for my shot to find something in that price range.  Seems dry down here in the Southeast though...

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21 hours ago, truffne said:

I just picked up a non working shuffle bowler .I wanted to convert it to a virtual bowler. Do you have any details on how you created yours? How you wired the contacts to the I-Pac etc.

We need to get some email going for this one. Better yet, do you have skype?

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I would like to take on this project as well. I have the chance to pick up a very cheap non working bowler that I'd like to convert into a virtual like yours. Any help you can give my would be greatly appreciated. Im thinking about expanding into a Multi-Bowler by adding more games. Do you think this could be done?.

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