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Trouble with 2nd monitor and Pup Packs

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I am using a desktop with 2 screens. This happens on some tables like Munsters  but not on others  so I think it is not a table specific thing. When I run the table it loads but the backgkass loads over part or all of the table and I can’t move it. I went to Pup Pack Editor and tried that but I can’t seem to tell it that I want the playfield on screen 1 and backglass on screen 2. It seems to want to put everything on screen 1 or 2 when I try to change in configurator. What am I doing wrong? I am able to move the backglass on Stranger Things by dragging it so why is that? I also notice that on some tables the video is separate from the backglass and I can drag that to the top screen but not the backglass.

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