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Star Wars DSA (Ultimate Pro) E.S.B: PinEvent - Complete PuP-Pack Gameplay Demo. Truly EPIC Pinball!

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Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro) - Epic Space Battles

PinEvent - Complete PuP-Pack Gameplay Demo

Truly EPIC Pinball!

The wait is almost over! My massive PinEvent update for Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro) for Future Pinball-BAM is nearly here! (Coming Soon!)

The combination of SLAMT1LT's fantastic table (with my new Epic Space Battles mod) and this explosive PuP-Pack and PUPDMD update make for the most epic Star Wars pinball experience you'll ever see!

This was a crazy amount of work. Complete, DOF, MX Leds, PuP SSF, and PUPDMD (on top of the Epic Space Battles mod).

SLAMT1LT's obsessive attention to detail with audio and timing and many many table events (and loads of FP videos), allows for PuP experiences like no other to be created.

NONE of the videos I created have audio! I have to create all videos and animations and time them perfectly with the table's audio / voice / music... and I scoured through every bit of code to be sure I didn't forget anything.

There's a crap load of content shown, and I go through most of the game and also show Time Attack mod. That said, there's still lots of videos (like the many different drain / end game videos) that I couldn't show.

A bit more still needs to be done (for other pup-pack options...pup stream,etc)... but the wait is worth it!



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