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B2s animation question? (Wildman maybe)

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ok just a question about b2sanimations.

I know how the animations work with the intervals and the steps and wait time.  I know calling an animation from the script by name and either 1 or 0 for on and off.

My question is this.  If the script calls an animation and turns it on but sends the off call before the animation is complete.  Does the animation stop on the step it is on or does it continue to play to the end.  And when you start the animation again does it start from the begining or from the step it was on when it was turned off.

Asking because i am trying to recreate the backglass from bubba the redneck werewolf in the table with primitives for vr purposes.


One other thing.  Can a light in b2s be involved in a self made animation but also be rom controlled as well?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have the table in a vr cabinet and all the bg lights built just need to code the lights and animation.


Thanks,  unclewilly

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those options are there to choose from,play till end or play to beginning,and a couple more...  default it will play it till the end then stop then when called again it will start from the beginning .

second question i never tried it but i would say yes just as long as the name of the light stays the rom controlled name i dont see why you cant control it from the rom and still call it from a animation too..if not you can just make 2 separate lights in the same spot no one could tell the difference..

hope that helps.....😉

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Thanks man.  I didn't even look at the options to play to end or begining.  I'll have to go back to the editor

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