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HELP for Basic wiring of LEDWIZ to Shaker Motor

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I have all of the DOF software working and can get a LED working with my LEDWIZ but I tried to wire the shaker motor the same way as the LED and the motor just spins really slow and then quits.

I've searched forums and diagrams for hours and nobody seems to just have  a simple wiring diagram with a LEDWIZ and a power supply and a motor.

I have seen some with a Relay or a Booster but I don't understand why either one does and if I need one or the other????

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I need something else what would I buy and where?

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Posted (edited)

Schematics are findable.
I myself went for an H-Bridge connected to my Ledwiz.  LINK
Never try to connect it directly! You will fry your Ledwiz.
I soldered an extra wire to my wiz as per instructions on this image.
This is the PWM signal to your H-Bridge.
The amount of maximum power is regulated through the DOF configuration tool.
I have set it at 40%-ish.
This is the motor I used LINK
Here are some extra instructions on how to connect it. : LINK


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