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DMD's - I don't know what I'm doing and need some help

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Hello all.

Usually when I set out to do something I can work out what's needed and in most cases, fudge my way to success but there doesn't seem too much info out and about to draw on.

I'm in the midst of a cabinet build, I've shelled out an old unit, screen is going in top and bottom but I really don't know what to do about DMD's.

I'd like to keep it simple as possible as far as setup goes. I see people commenting on soldering power supplies, using two DMD's, game incompatability, single or double height units and so on.

So what should I get? I like the idea of a colour DMD but am willing to forgo it in order to get a plug and play unit in monochrome.

I've seen this Pin2DMD evolution: https://germangamingsupplies.com/PIN2DMD-Display-Evolution-activated

But I'm very suspicious about how 'plug'n'play' it really is and if I was to buy it, what else would  I need to connect it to my pc?

Can anyone help?

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All you need to connect it to your PC is a USB cable and power from your PC power supply .

If you plan to buy a plug and play unit in monochrome you are most likely talking about pindmdV2 which is not really plug and play under Win10 because of the outdated drivers it needs to work. 

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