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[New VP10 Alert] Sharpshooter - Bally 1961

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Sharpshooter - Bally 1961

This is not a pinball machine... surprise! This is a vacuum launch shooting gallery. It is a remake of a 1961 Bally Sharpshooter. I made this table a long time ago and it was originally made for desktop users exclusively. Finding a good view for virtual cab users is pretty much impossible.  However, I did make a rotated view (rotated 270) and also made a B2S for it. The thing is, you can't play it on a cab without a keyboard, mouse, or a usb gamepad with a thumb pad.

Years ago, before VP was even open source, I made a COM interop program to communicate joystick and mouse input with VP via vbscript. Well I dug that COM interop source code back up and recompiled it in Visual Studio 2019. This plugin when installed will allow this game to use three different type of controls to move and shoot the gun. Best control is the mouse in my opinion, but it takes a little calibration in the beginning to move the gun to all four corners. The next control would be a gamepad with a 8 way thumb pad and whatever buttons you have set to be flippers in VP to shoot. Lastly you can use the number pad on a keyboard as a 8 way control and use whatever buttons you have set to be flippers on the keyboard.

A text install instructions is in the download zip file.

I hope you bother to install this and I hope you enjoy it.


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For the Pro, put "ring.Visible=False" in the script after Option Explicit to turn off the crosshair. See how good you are at shooting from the hip. :dblthumb: 

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