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Preventing (cheap) Solenoids to burn out of your Cabinet

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Great article.  Nice explanation of the how and why of solenoid wiring..

  • Solenoid's parallel diode
  • Solenoid's series resistor/capacitor (in parallel) pair.

Possibly(?) not related to to solenoid burnout, but it might also be worth mentioning (with some CRO measurements to illustrate the point) the third solenoid wiring option using the "solenoid parallel capacitor" to avoid "USB disconnects".. http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/BuildGuideV2/BuildGuide.php?sid=troubleshooting#usbDisconnects


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Hi, thanks for the article.

I was going to make a cabinet and i was thinking the same that you. Also i just want the flipper feedback effect. Do you know what would be the cheapest way to make 2 solenoids work? Is it supposed to need a USB board? What would be the cheapest?

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