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Modify some screens in an already exist Colorization

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Hello Everybody, 


I Try to ask clealry my question, I hope my english will be ok... 


I've a Sopranos game colorized by a member here "Vbobrusev" His work is really good, that's not the problem, 


I've some screen I've really hard to read, for exemple simply, All the Portals Menu, or, The Executive Game... (Mission 5 in game)


The question is

Is it possible to me to load the files i've bought to Vbobrusev to apply a palette color to the screens i've hard to read ? (There is some unfinished frames, notably in The Executive Game, there are unreadable... :( )
And if is it possible, how can I do this simply ? 

I cannot now do complex colorization because I've not learned how to use Pin2DMD Editor... So I just want to add different color basic palette to some screens... 


Many thanks for your help 😉 

Best regards to everyone here 🙂 

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Ah yes ! 

Very Interesting Vbobrusev 🙂 

Thanks, you make my day happy 😉


Can you also add a classic palette for the portals menu ? to be more readable 😉 


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