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Moving from 3 screen setup to 2 with Pin2DMD

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Hi all, I have encountered a problem that is preventing me from using my new flash pin2dmd. However, i don't know if its the addition of the dmd or something else.


I had a working 3 screen vpx setup, not used for a few months. I disassembled it to move downstairs into my new man cave. I never reassembled/tested it but now i have removed the 15" lcd, mounted the dmd and went to load a table.


This is the problem, now none of the tables will load. I get an error "Cannot load activex component" when it loads the b2s table component. 


Im hoping someone has been here and has seen this issue? Posts on the usual forums seemed to indicate re-registering the b2s component would solve the problem but no luck with that. Ive spent 3 hours on it so far and no dice...

Do i need to do somethine specific to disable tje lcd dmd and enable the pin2dmd?

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First of all I don´t think your problem is pin2dmd related, 

Maybe more due to the fact that you removed a screen. Could be caused by freezys dmddevice.dll.
Try setting the virtual dmd to enabled = false and see if that works.

Please run the rom test in pinmame setup exe to see if it is caused by pinmame.


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I wasn't really suspecting the DMD as causing the problem, I just thought this would be the best place to ask as I'm sure there are a lot of people migrating from 3 screen over to 2+DMD and perhaps this was common.


I have already disabled the Virtual DMD in the config.

I'll upgrade/reinstall pinmame and do the test as you recommend and see what happens (last refresh was about 18 months ago).  Worst case I can rebuild the whole machine (currently windows 7 64) but i'd rather not.

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