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Ultra DMD nightmare

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First my hardware.


RTX2070 Gaming Edition

AMD FX8350 processor 16g ram

256gb samsung 850 ssd

2 sound cards

1 backglass amp

1 SSF amp



Backglass 1080p

Playfield 4k 43"


Windows 10 1903


I had everything working great including Pinscape with DOF and Pinup Player and Popper


VPX 10.6 Beta

VpinMame 3.2 beta

Freezy's DMDext extensions.

Pin Vol


All of my rom tables worked great including those with pup packs




The trouble occurred when I tried Jaws VPX and Masters of the Universe VPX. These two ultra dmd tables gave a 

Could not create object: UltraDMD error


I tried everything including thalmus XDMD files


I then reloaded from a base win 10 image


Re installed VPX 10.5 with the all in one installer installed to C:\Visual Pinball


Installed the 10.6 beta and VpinMame 3.2 beta files


Installed the freezy 1.7.2 dll's


Again all of the rom tables worked fine displayed on the PinDMD3


Tried loading up Jaws


Same error


Loaded the pindmdcfg, clear, exe's they didn't work either saying pindmd not found


Re labled the XDMD folder to old


Installed XDMD using the latest installer


Now Ultradmd.exe /c worked and displayed both a virtual dmd and identical display on the Pindmd 3


However when I would run Jaws now, the dmd display was blank but when I would exit the table I would see the virtual dmd for a second or two then it would close.


At this point I tried Thalmus Xdmd files.could not create object Ultra DMD error


Ugggghhhh this is driving me nuts.,


I am not trying DOF, Pinup player or popper, no front end at all just basic VPX and the dmd...... 


Can anyone help?

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10 hours ago, Oldschool4 said:

Have you tried freezy 1.7.1 dll's ?


Yes I have. But still the Ultra DMD will not display on the PinDMD3. I have gotten the virtual ultra dmd to show briefly when I exit the table (it's there but behind the playfield)  but that's the best I have been able to get so far.

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Where I currently sit with UltraDMD.


I have reloaded windows, ran the all in one VPX10.5 installer, copied the 10.6 beta files over. Copied the beta 3.2 vpinmame over. Ran setup and set the defaults to use the external.dll. Renamed all of the existing dmddevice.dll in all folders to .off copied freezys files 1.7.1 over into the vpinmame directory. 


I still get the ultradmd object not found error. I tried opening a admin cmd prompt and running ultradmd.exe /i  nothing happens. Ultradmd.exe /c nothing happens. Checking the task manager there isn't any instances of Ultradmd running.

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I have made some progress. I now have gotten rid of the error by renaming the XDMD folder to old and installing ultradmd into the c:\visual pinball folder. I also made sure I have renamed all of the dmddevice.dll to dmddevice.dll_off in all of the folders except for vpinmame.


Now I have the virtual dmd displaying on the playfield. But still nothing on the DMD when running ultradmd tables.


If I run ultradmd.exe /c from a command prompt it does display both the virtual dmd and in the pindmd.

So ultradmd is working with the pindmd3 but not within VPX.



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Thanks to thalmus this is now working for me finally.

The last bits of the puzzle were that I needed to copy dmddevice.dll and dmddevice.ini from the vpinmame folder to XDMD (these are the freezy 1.7.1 dll)

Then from Thalmus's archive here


xdmdnative.dll and xdmd.dll copy these over to the XDMD folder.

Run ultradmd.exe /c to hide the virtual dmd and YAY success


Thanks again to thalmus who provided all of the keys to making this last thing work for me.

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Rather than start a new thread - thought best to follow on from here

My Ultra DMD ran fine on my old PC - however I cannot get it to start at all following a new installation on my new PC

I have downloaded the VP5 set-up, all folders installed and got the colour DMD's all working fine (which I thought would be the difficult bit!)

I downloaded the UltraDMDSetup.msi - installed successfully in my C/ Program files (x86) however the UltraDMD.exe will not launch.  I have tried launching it from my Visual Pinball / XDMD folder - will not launch there either.  Double click and nothing appears (also tried running as an admin)

So exhausted I actually set-up my old PC and and saved the UltraDMD and XDMD set-up files from there (testing they still ran when the . exe selected - it did!) and sent them over to my new PC to be copied and pasted there - again no joy

Looked up some articles - tried to register it via running file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/RegASM UltraDMD.exe

But states file not found??  The CMD (as admin) states "ultradmd.exe is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

At a loss what to do - obviously I feel I am missing a simple trick here

I have also tried running the UltraDMD repair and a re-installation - no joy

EDIT - Would add that I also re-installed into my Visual Pinball folder rather than the Program File (x86) folder - still did not work.  Also deleted any registry entry associated with UltraDMD

Any help more than appreciated

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Although the problems do continue

Example - America's Most Haunted

Load table - error VB Script - No UltraDMD found - I attempt to run anyway and then a Script Error - Line 743, Object Required UltraDMD

Tried ensuring my UltraDMD is loaded first - no joy

The table is in the same folder as the.GIF pack

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Glad to hear that you have it sorted. That's why we are all here is to enjoy this wonderful content . And lend help to one another if needed :)

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