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ordered pin2dmd march 2019 at germangamingsupplies from Rappelbox and getting no reaction on Whatsapp, PM, Emails etc.....

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After having received no response for a long time, I feel compelled to post a subject here.

First of all, before I placed an order with germangaming supplies on March 7, 2019, I always had good contact with Dominic (rappelbox) and he was always very helpful via whatsapp if I had questions.

After the order I have not heard anything! He doesn't respond to anything. And I do see him regularly posting messages on this forum so apparently he is still alive 😤

Are there any other people on this forum who have the same problems?

I hope it will be resolved quickly and that I will at least get a response from rappelbox.

I have screenshots and prove enough that the error is clearly with him. Both from chat messages and proof of payment from my bank, but I will not upload them yet .....

For a long time I have had patience and good hope and warned him that I would create a topic if I didn't get a response back!

Best regards,

a dissatisfied customer!

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I'm sorry to see this :( I'd heard bad press about his site before, lead me to create my own back matrix instead of ordering from him :(

I hope you get a reply and your product!

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I am still waiting for this shameless return my money. Some customers say it has no stock and has your money held for months.

Very bad experience with GERMAN GAMMING SUPPLIES !!!

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Answer will be the same as in the other threads you’ll post and already did:

Why would I send you anything you’ve already been refunded?!


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