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PinDMD3 working only with some games

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Newbie here on my first build.

I've got my backbox built with a pindmd3 and it works great - on some tables. It doesn't do anything on Star Trek, AC/DC Luci, Tron or Scared Stiff. Works fine with Spiderman, Batman, AC/DC Pro, LOTR, Elvis and others.

I think i have everything up to date, but I can't figure out what the difference between these tables are.

There are no errors, it's just black. If I exit a problematic table  and start a working table, it's fine. 

Any help in pointing me towards stuff I can investigate further appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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When you say. I think I have everything up to date. Why didn't you tell us what you have installed and where you downloaed it from ? That would be very helpful for us trying to help you. Don't be lazy when you request help. Could it be that you just recently installed Freezy, but have forgotten to set it enabled for those tables ? F1 and tick use external ?

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