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Kick-back solenoid in DOF?

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I bought some real pinball solenoids and installed them. 
Now I'm not sure how to configure the "Kick-back solenoid" in DOF.
Physically, I've installed it near the left slingshot solenoid.

Most other toys are obvious (fan, gear, knocker, etc), but there is no Kick-back to choose..?

I could use "10 bumper middle left", but I don't know if all tables use that one for Kick-back.
I've tried Medieval Madness and was hoping the catapult would fire my Kick-back-unit, but no luck.

How is your Kick-back setup done?

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You are right there is no kick-back choice, usually they have that with the left flipper or left Slingshot
If use anything else that is not standard you will have to change it on every game that requires it

I have 20 solenoids so I have to adjust every game that I download

Use the Custom Output

This is my setup



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Impressive build you made!

I'm in the same direction. 17 solenoids at this moment. I have some original relay-coils, some newer coils.
Added to that I have built "metal tubes" with tiny Aliexpress solenoids that are kicking things around, inside causing some random rattle and noise.
So I'm trigger more than one solenoid for some actions.

The kick-back is the only thing I'm missing, cause a lot of my favourite games use that.

If it was a kick-back in the DOF config tool, then the whole community could help configuring it for all games. Very strange it isn't.
It could not be to hard to fix I think. Like a copy-paste of the Knocker setup.

But I don't know how to put a request for that either.

For now, I'll try with custom outputs as you suggested. Never used that before.
I don't play all the games, so I think I'll handle it... :)



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