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Please help! - DOF Is Freezing with Teensy

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Hi All

I have been trying to figure this out now for a few weeks. I have to reach out for help.

Here are the facts

  • I have a Teensy that works well with Arduino testing.  It is on COM3 as per the screen shot attached. It works when I test the Example files so COM3 is a goer.
  • I have flashed the ROM on Teensy from https://github.com/DirectOutput/TeensyStripController/releases by downloading the file, opening in the TeensyProgram, pressing auto and loading the file and it says OK to reboot. Teensyprogramming.png
  • I have unblocked all DLLs
  • I have installed DOF under c:/directoutput
  • I have removed DofLinx until I can get it sorted
  • I dont have ANY other devices other than the Teensy
  • I have am using all channels of Teensy.  71 x 6 (channels 1-6) for Matrix and 2 x 71 (channels 7 & 8 ) for right and left sides.
  • Tried with Firewall On/Off - Re-installed 
  • Windows 10

My only hunch is that the flash of Teensy did not work??

Here is the issue

Check out the video - 

1. I open the Config tester and select the GlobalConfig_B2sServer.xml file and it opens

2. I then try to open Cabinet and it crashes with this error.

2019.03.25 14:22:31.665    Initializing cabinet
2019.03.25 14:22:31.665    Debug: Initializing output controllers
2019.03.25 14:22:31.681    TeensyStripController TeensyStripController intialized and updater thread started.
2019.03.25 14:22:31.681    Debug: Output controllers initialized
2019.03.25 14:22:31.697    TeensyStripController TeensyStripController updater thread  started.
2019.03.25 14:22:31.697    Cabinet initialized
2019.03.25 14:22:31.697    Loading shape definition file: C:\DirectOutput\Config\DirectOutputShapes.xml
2019.03.25 14:22:31.728    Framework initialized.
2019.03.25 14:22:31.728    Have fun! :)
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: TeensyStripController TeensyStripController updater thread  could not connect to the controller. Thread will quit.
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: Thread: TeensyStripController TeensyStripController updater thread 
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: Message: IOException --> The semaphore timeout period has expired.
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: Stacktrace:    at System.IO.Ports.InternalResources.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String str)
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: Stacktrace:    at System.IO.Ports.SerialStream.EndWrite(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: Stacktrace:    at System.IO.Ports.SerialStream.Write(Byte[] array, Int32 offset, Int32 count, Int32 timeout)
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: Stacktrace:    at System.IO.Ports.SerialPort.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: Stacktrace:    at DirectOutput.Cab.Out.AdressableLedStrip.TeensyStripController.ConnectToController()
2019.03.25 14:22:32.337    EXCEPTION: Stacktrace:    at DirectOutput.Cab.Out.OutputControllerCompleteBase.UpdaterThreadDoIt()
2019.03.25 14:22:32.353    EXCEPTION: Targetsite: Void WinIOError(Int32, System.String)

If anyone can help that would be AMAZING! Its the last bit to this little mission!










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i would disconnect all make one cabinet file to check the teensy and with one strip only connected ,, that would proove teensy for you to start with if they all light white when starting then you need to bridge pin 15-16 on teensy,,, try that firstly 

also you say you installed dof as I have installed DOF under c:/directoutput   i assume you meant backslash not forward C:\DirectOutput


 just use the first cat port and just the one connector on white/whiteorange test it there first





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Did you ever resolve this?  I just got my teensy plugged into my cab and Freeze dll does not work and when exiting a vpx game everything locks up.  What could be wrong on my end?

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