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[New B2S Alert] Pinbot (Williams 1986) directB2S B2S db2s

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Pinbot (Williams 1986) directB2S B2S db2s

  • Full rebuild from scratch
  • New translite image
  • 2 and 3 screens with removable grill (No DMD image)
  • 2560 x 2048 @70 dpi OR 1280 x 1024 @70 dpi
  • Authentic lamps and flashers position and authentic translite mask
  • Robot face flash on
  • 2 fantasy blinking lights added on the "command center" and the "silverball", like the TNT Amusement's mod.

A special thank you to Bord who shares his magnificent tables (and all the others authors as well ;) ).
link to the wonderful Bord's Table : https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/pinbot-williams-1986/


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35 minutes ago, Thalamus said:

Feel I didn't thank you enough when it was released with Bord's table. I is really a piece of art just as the table. 👍


Thank you friend, I must admit that it is always rewarding and encouraging to read with pleasure the comments of people who take the time to do so and do not just download.

Then I had absolutely no feeling that you didn't thank me enough and I have to admit that my work is nothing compared to the number of hours it takes to Bord (and also to all the other contributors to the design and programming of this table) to achieve this marvel.

EnJoY Community

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You are of course correct about the amount of hours that lies behind a db2s vs a table like Bord's.

Still. It is work you've done - totally free of charge and obviously out of love for pinball. :)

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