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Help for mini virtual pinball cabinet

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Hi guys,im Davide from Italy,

i'd like to build a mini virtual pinball,i don't have much space and then

i need max 24" playfield monitor....

Can someone help me with a cabinet plans with measures please?

Max cabinet lenght must be more or less 28"....

Thanks so much!!! :)

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Hard to say honestly. My philosophy when building anything with a screen(pincab, arcade cab) is to build around your screen. Screen determines width always, unless you want dead space on either side of the screen, or in the case of an arcade cab, if you want bezel art. This website has some generic measurements for a pin, I took these and scaled down for my mini pin build, I’m using a 32” screen for play field.


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Hi, below my imperfect plans for my mini cabinet built around a 23" playfield monitor and 17" backglass.

I've done a series of brief YouTube videos on this (very cheap) setup - not sure if I can show a link though...

Something I would have changed is the front crosspiece on the cabinet, which did have a joystick and buttons ( but which I later removed), could be smaller or removed entirely.

The cable hole in the rear of the cabinet is also unnecessary if you make the backglass cabinet (which i didn't originally - using the monitor stand) - also explained in the YouTube videos.

Hope it helps.

1579673065_minipinballplan-backglassbox.thumb.jpg.66781328134a214bfaecabba85b78db4.jpg1982848873_minipinballplan-cabinet.thumb.png.a58378193f4e1b67da279aeb52f08031.pngHi attached my plans for

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