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DOF / DOFLinx Teensy Addressable LEDs Prob

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After weeks of failed attempts, I am now ready to draw from your massive collective pool of knowledge.  I have been over my config and researched possible solutions many many times and cannot get my addressable LEDs functioning with DOF/DofLinx.  They are connected to a Teensy 3.2/OctoWS2811.  I must be overlooking something obvious - or I am missing something.

I have 2 strips of 67 LEDs - one on the orange pair and one on the blue pair - both on the TOP connector of the OctoWS2811 board.  The board was set to COM3 - then I tried changing it to COM6 then COM2 with no change.  I also changed the USB cable just in case.

The Teensy is loaded with TeensyStripController.Beta.V1.02.1601021351.hex

Other Teensy test sketches run perfectly and light all the LEDs properly. I have bridged Teensy pins 15 & 16 to solve the "all white" problem.

DirectOutput MJR Grander Unified DOF R3++ edition
- Version 3.1.6968.21374 built 2019.01.29 11:52
- Installed using the Windows Installer 
- Installed to C:\DirectOutput

DofLinx Version 6.62B
- VBS file copied to Future Pinball\Scripts

B2S Backglass Server Version

Cabinet config is named ForbisManor.ini

In DOF Online Config:
Combine Toys
- Combo2 = RGB Addressable (PF Left Flashers MX + PF Left Effects MX)
- Combo3 = RGB Addressable (PF Right Flashers MX + PF Right Effects MX)

Device WS2801 1 - directoutputconfigini30
- Port 1-3 = Combo2
- Port 4-6 = Combo3

Other devices working perfectly:
- PacLed64
- 2 x SainSmart 8 Port USB Boards

Testing with Future Pinball Tables:
- Tron Legacy (Stern) (Ultimate 1.01) (p2.7) (DOFLinx MX)
- Star Wars DSA (Ultimate 1.04) (p2.7) (DOFLinx MX 1.1)
- RetroFlair (p2.5) (DOFLinx MX)
- Masters of the Universe - Mastered Edition (p2.5) (DOFLinx MX)

Including all relevent config files and logs here:


THANKS!!!  - Chris

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Outhere - It is currently COM2 in device manager.  In the logs it appears to connect initially but then cannot send data to it. 

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I noticed you change the name of your cabinet file plus you have color calls in their just curious what's the reasoning

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Outhere - no reasoning.  I grabbed examples from others.  Should I remove the colors & rename back to Cabinet then test again?  I don't see how that is the problem, but I'm willing to try just about anything.  :)

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I don't see there's a  problem either but I do not know you can use my 
stuff has a sample you just need to remove the items that don't apply to your
set up and Change the drive lettering
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Outhere - Cleaning up naming - comparing to yours & double checking all my paths for typos...  I'll post results as soon as I have them.  :)  Thanks!


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