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PIN2DMD shield partlist

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Hi all,

I'm thinking about building my own PIN2DMD board.

Assembling everything together doesn't look like an impossible mission even for a noob like me with not much experience with electronics.

However, I find it difficult to find the needed parts on the internet.

I tried to search in https://www.mouser.com/ but I'm not sure I choose the correct items.

If anyone is willing to go over the part list and add a link for each part, it would be awesome (and very helpful).

I added the first link 😅


#PIN2DMD shield partlist

#V4 Nucleo-144 Shield - (link)

2 x pinheader 2x36 pins female double row 2.54mm
1 x WaveShare Micro SD-card reader module

2 x IC socket 16pin
1 x 74LS123 DIP - (link)
1 x MAX232 DIP - (link)

1 x elevated socket 2x8 female 2.54mm
1 x IDC socket 2x7 pins male 2.54mm
1 x IDC socket 2x8 pins male 2.54mm
1 x pinheader 1x3 pins male 2.54mm RS232

8 x 47pf
4 x 1uF 4x7mm radial
3 x 100nF
1 x 1kOhm
1 x 10kOhm
2 x 100kOhm
1 x 470 Ohm
2 x resistor network 4R 8-pin 220Ohm

1 x LED 3mm
1 x screw terminal block 2pin 5mm
2 x tactile push button 6x6x10mm 4pin DIP

optional components

1 x ESP-12
1 x DHT11
1 x HX1838
1 x CR2032 battery holder
1 x pinheader 1x3 pins male 2.54mm PIR

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11 hours ago, outhere said:

This may help


Thanks @outhere, this thread actually gave me the motivation.

@MikePinball made a great job describing his process of building his board.

However, most of the parts he dropped as he didn't need them, the others he already had in his parts bin.

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6 hours ago, latenite04 said:

If you just want a kit with all the parts to solder the shield yourself I've got a blank shield pcb and parts left over from when I ordered everything. Just send me a pm.

PM was sent.

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