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[New VP10 Alert] Laser Ball (Williams 1979)

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Laser Ball (Williams 1979)

Table based on Laser Ball Williams 1979.
After a long time I can recreate a table and one that several years ago I wanted to do because my pincab is made on the basis of a laser ball that I bought some 5 years ago and that I was able to rescue the plastic that was the only thing that served, but I was missing a Playfield with good quality, a week ago browsing the web I found one with a quality that exceeds excellent and I am motivated to recreate it.
I am quite out of date with the scene, I apologize if it is not up to the new techniques.
The image of the apron and the spinners are from the version of allknowing2012.
PD: The table recreates in a couple of days because I'm on vacation if they find a bug I will try to fix it as soon as possible.


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Great job, Javier. Great to have you back!

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